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Professional Field Hockey Players Annual Salary

No description

Sydney Lester

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Professional Field Hockey Players Annual Salary

In 2012 Tuft University School of Veterinarian Medicine had 10,685 students with 97,000 dollars each student can have 9 dollars
There are only about 3,200 (Siberian) tigers surviving in the wild (2013) if you were to buy a tiger to save them (costing at least $10,0000 dollars as of the end of 2013) with $97,000 dollars you can buy .97 tigers
Professional Field Hockey Players Annual Salary
With that much money you can....

last season SOHS had 38 members on there field hockey team (middle and high school)....with that much money you can buy 8.5 sticks for each team member if the stick cost 300 dollars

The average cost of a joey is $6,000 dollars..with $97,000 dollars you can buy 16 joeys with $1,000 dollars left over!
Animal Facts
Vet Facts

Animals Facts

Field Hockey Facts

In 2010 the players in the NFHL (National Field Hockey League)
annual salary would at least be $97,000 dollars a year.
With $97,000 dollars you can buy $970,000 dollars worth of .10 cents candy bars

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