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samera azam

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How to solve problems VECTORS ON AN INCLINED PLANE Step two draw and label the components of the force acting on the block Remember we will draw them parallel and perpendicular to the block STEP THREE, Resolve the forces x and y using the rules for 'resolving components' Draw a diagram
and label the things you know STEP ONE: Example: Assuming there is no friction acting, find the acceleration of a box on an plane inclined at 25 to the horizontal o 1. Realise which angle we need and what it is
2. Using the rules for SOH and CAH find x and y STEP FOUR solve the equations and work out the values of x and y. NOTE: Y= NORMAL FORCE of BOX on ramp
X= Force causing the box to ACCELERATE STEP FIVE. Now we need to work out the acceleration of the box Which force is making the box accelerate?
Remember there is no friction acting...
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