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2011 US History Tournament of Champions

bracket from www.myperfed.com

Analiese Smith

on 19 March 2011

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Transcript of 2011 US History Tournament of Champions

Eli Whitney Tom Paine John Adams James Madison George Washington Thomas Jefferson Henry Ford Eugene V. Debs Andrew Carnegie Bill Gates John F. Kennedy MLK Jr. Rachel Carson Thurgood Marshall Truman E. Roosevelt Booker T. Washington Jonas Salk MLK Jr. F. D. R. F. D. R. F. D. R. John F. Kennedy Lewis Hine E. Roosevelt Alice Paul Andrew Mellon Albert Einstein Albert Einstein Andrew Mellon Albert Einstein Tom Paine James Madison George Washington James Madison George Washington Sitting Bull Henry Clay Henry Ford Thomas Edison Robert E. Lee John Brown Susan B. Anthony Fredrick Douglas Fredrick Douglas Robert E. Lee Fredrick Douglas Andrew Carnegie Henry Clay James Madison Henry Ford Henry Ford James Madison F. D. R. Edward R. Murrow Nixon Bill Gates Bill Gates Thurgood Marshall MLK Jr. MLK Jr. MLK Jr.
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