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Types of Nonfiction

No description

Makeiva Graham

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Types of Nonfiction

Autobiography Story of a person's life told by that person.
First-person point of view ( I, Me)
Book Length
Entertain, Persuade, Inform, Express an Opinion Biography Story of a person's life as told by someone else.
Third-person point of view (He, She)
Present an accurate account of the subject's life.
Contain characters and setting. Essay Short piece of writing on a single subject.
Found in Newspapers and Magazines
Give opinion, Entertain, Persuade, Describe
3 Types- Expository, Personal, Persuasive Informative Article Provides facts about a subject
Newspapers, Magazine Articles, Feature Stories
Textbooks, History books, How- to-Books NONFICTION TYPES OF http://www.newyorker.com/archive/2002/06/17/020617fa_fact4?currentPage=all Interview Conversation-one person ask questions to obtain information Take notes on, tape-records, or film We all know what interviews look like! :) Identify Dictionary ?
History Textbook? Magazines ? Poetry? Writing Prompt You are a teacher and must write to a fourth grade class in a different school than the one you teach at. You must tell the five different types of nonfiction and the importance of point-of-view. Please remember to be precise and specific so that the fourth graders can follow along as they learn this new and scary subject. What are the five types of nonfiction and why is point-of-view important?
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