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Direct Speech - Punctuation Rules

Here is a prezi with punctuation rules for direct speech including a video

Jaspreet Gloppen

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Direct Speech - Punctuation Rules

Rules for Commas when using Direct Speech - Use a comma after the introductory clause.
Example: She said, “I was in London last year.”
-If the direct speech is at the beginning of the sentence, put the comma before the final quotation mark. (Don’t use a full stop here.)
Example: “I was in London last year,” she said.

- Don’t use a comma after direct speech if the direct speech ends with a question mark or exclamation mark.Example:
“Were you in London last year?” he asked. (but: He asked, “Were you in London last year?”)
“Great!” she replied. (but: She replied, “Great!”)

(Source: http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/writing/comma/exercises?11) Excercises for Making Sure you have understood the Rules for Commas. Put commas where necessary. Direct Speech in Short Stories Every time a new speaker says something, you should start a new paragraph. Example:
‘They think it’s a more respectable job,’ said Jo.
‘I don’t agree,’ I replied. Thumb Rule There should either be a comma, full stop, question mark, or exclamation mark at the end of a piece of speech which is then placed inside the quotation marks. Direct Speech 1 - He said »I don't have time now.«
2. Francis asked me »Where are you from?«
3. »I must go now« Chris said.
4. »What time is it?« Joanne asked »I have to be home at ten.«
5. »Watch out!« Charlie cried »The bull is right behind you.«

(Source: http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/writing/comma/exercises?11) Punctuation Rules Watch This Video
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