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Isabel Jenny

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of wwf

Foundation Drive Core Animals become caught in fishing nets and can't escape them.
Animals also are threatened by illegal wild life trade. "An animals' eyes have the power to speak a great language,"said Martin Buber.
People are a big part of World Wildlife Fund.
You can donate money.
All the money goes to the animals and habitats to protect the endangered animals and habitats from people who want to destroy them. World WildLife Fund By Isabel Jenny
Brendan Cohen World Wildlife Fund was founded in 1961 by Sir Peter Scott.
It supports animals and habitats. Animals and habitats can use our help by supporting World WIldlife Fund. You all can make a big difference for animals and habitats New Albany Middle school should support World Life Wild Fund. Endangered animals are now speaking a language of sadness. World Wildlife Fund should be supported by New Albany Middle School so animals and habitats can be safe from people who want to hurt them. Habitats are also endangered.
The Amazon is quickly being erradicated.
The Arctic is also being destroyed. Somethings that get Animals endanger. Somethings that happen to Habitats Sources worldlifewildfund.org
Date visited:1/16/13
Date last updated:2013

date visited:1/16/13
Date last updated:2013
web address:
Worldlifewildfund.org/therats Conclusion
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