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The Battle of Monte Cassino

No description

Ryan Thayer

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Battle of Monte Cassino

THE BATTLE oF mONTE cASSINO RYAN THAYER P.5 Battle for Cassino (MC) Code named "Operation Winter Line"
Lasted from January 17, 1944 until May 18, 1944
It was located in Rome, Italy on the last front of the Southern Itaian Campaign
Location of this battle important because it helped to drive out Nazis

Battle Details Americans and British used their own version of Blitzkreig
MC was attacked by heavy assaults of tanks and troopers
Bobmer planes, tanks, turret machine guns, and infantry were used for weaponry
The U.S. and Britain won the battle because of the heavy bomb assault damage done by their planes
Total casualties: ~65,000 and ~15,600 pow's Facts MC was a series of four heavy assault battles
One of the most bloody battles
Highest death levels in concentrated battles of WWII
Part of the campaign listed as a "turning point" for the Allies
Had a twenty mile front (between Rome and Cassino)
Allies faked a seaborn battle to draw German panzers away from MC
Sources German panzer Great Britain United States Free French Forces Poland Canada British India British New Zealand Flags of Participants Nazi Germany Italian Social Republic Allies vs. Axis
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