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Social Media in the Classroom

No description

Dov Emerson

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Social Media in the Classroom

Embrace Innovation and tech integration What is Social Media? Technologies that facilitate conversations. tools for the classroom tools for the teacher Personal Learning Network (PLN) Educators in the Digital Age.... Share their vision Start Conversations Learn with other educators Leverage the power of Web 2.0 Why Use Social Media? Free / "Freemium" Available Where the kids (& adults!) are... Speak their language Student Generated Content - "Buy In" The 4 C's (Eric Sheninger & Lyn Hilt) 6 Million Paid Subscribers
30 Million Users 6 Million Users
60,000 New Users Every Month In the Classroom The Case for Social Media The "Digital Natives" Need Some Table Manners Creativity Collaboration Communication Critical Thinking Tools for Classrooms "Technology can be the 'oooh' part,
but the learning needs to be the 'ah' part.”
-Dr. Eliezer Jones
twitter.com/DrEliezerJones Poll Everywhere Edmodo Voicethread “We’ve had no problem with note passing the last few years . . .
I wonder why . . . they’re texting!’’
-Patrick Larkin, Principal, Burlington High School,
Burlington, Mass
Boston Globe, August 29, 2010 But what
about the
RULES? "Any electronic cell phone, ipod, or gaming device
seen in the academic wing of the building will be
-DRS Handbook Remember - Tech is just a tool...
Use it for good! "Daddy, why are you so INTO this stuff?" PollEverywhere.com Free (and Freemium) Unlimited customizable surveys "Wait...I can use my PHONE??" Instant feedback Results shown on web site OR emdedded in Powerpoint Ready? Let's Try it! Classroom Applications Intro a topic Check for understanding Solicit new ideas / topics for discussion Get the wallflowers going Quizzes with record keeping over long term ($) Numbers kept private, no spam... ? What is A free, secure, social learning platform for teachers, students, schools and districts. Gives teachers and students an easy way to....
Post classroom materials
Share links and videos
Access homework, grades, and school notices
Can store all forms of digital content: blogs, links, pictures, videos, docs, presentations, etc. Facebook for schools Why ? vs. vs. vs. Hard to control, public & unregulated arena
Not all parents on board (for good reason!)
"Friending" students creates own sets of problems
Students reluctant to participate in school related activities on their "private turf"
Not school / education centered
Often blocked by school filters Too simple
Can't use for assignments, projects, grades
Difficult to set up
Difficult to regulate Too complex, too many features
Requires own server
Requires own support
Better suited for fully online courses Sign Up / Sign In Home Screen Calendar Posting Assignments Grades Videos
Questions / Answers
RSS Feeds Create & change your profile
& other account settings. Spotlight on upcoming
events, assignments, etc Groups: Set up your classes
and other groups that you
connect with(such as fellow teachers) View the calendar for all group events or just events for an individual class. Set up your class & invite students Access code for students to use to join your class on Edmodo. Students can set up an account with or without an email address. RSS Feeds Upload Videos Student Comments Surveys Embedded Video The Library Filters
Select only the types of posts you want to see Assignments can include files to download or links to external sites. Notification of how many assignments handed in, in real time. Students can respond to assignments with links, embedded files, videos, or anything from their library. Mobile Use iPhone/iPod/iPad
m.edmodo.com Using the Facebook Genre Discussion Reading Presentation For more Ideas... http://bit.ly/edmodouses Peer teaching Inherently collaborative pictures, videos, powerpoint presentations, all go in here. This forms the basis of the conversation. Comments go along the sides and are added by users 5 different ways
to comment Comments are recorded linearly Numerous media sources can be stored in one voicethread. Lends itself to the Digital Portfolio concept Social Media in the Classroom Dov Emerson Modeling Proper Online Behavior How does ? work Benefits Ease of use for the "Facebook Generation" Encourages classroom camaraderie Communication skills "Base of Operations" for Web 2.0 EdTech tools Encourages true collaboration Commenting Brings out creativity Time to reflect & get comfortable VERSATILE TOOL BENEFITS FEATURES Let's check out some examples... (Eric Sheninger & Lyn Hilt) (via Dr. Eliezer Jones) Twitter: @DovEmerson
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