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Probability: Determining Probabilities

By: Alex Waites

Alex Waites

on 1 March 2012

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Transcript of Probability: Determining Probabilities

Analyze the Data and List five facts about Ms. Snow's Homeroom. 14 Students take algebra 2
5 Students take chemistry
4 Students take both
6 Students take neither
There are 29 students in the class Four students are taking algebra and chemistry both so the probability is 4/29 which is also 13.8% What is the probability a student is taking both algebra and chemistry? There are 6 students that don't take either class so the probability is 6/29 or 20.7% What is the probability that a student is not taking algebra or chemistry? There are 19 students who either take algebra or chemistry, not both so the probability is 19/29 or 65.5% and the probability of choosing a student in any class is 23/29 or 79.3% Find the probability P(Algebra 2 or Chemistry) The probability of a student taking only chemistry is 5/29 or 17.2% because there are only 5 students just taking chemistry. The probability of a student taking only chemistry. There are 421 people that are males with a one handed or two handed back hand, so the probability is 421/758 or 55.5% The probability of a random person being a male. There are 337 people in the group that are females so the probability is 337/758 or 44.5% Probability that the selected person is a female. There are 256 people total with a two handed backhand swing so the probability is 256/758 or 33.8% Probability that the selected person has a two handed backhand swing. There are 597 people total that are either males or have a two handed backhand swing so the probability is 597/758 or 78.8% Probability that the person selected is a male or has a two handed backhand swing. There are 421 males in the group, but only 341 also have a two handed backhand so the probability is 341/758 or 45% Probability of a person selected not having a two handed backhand swing and is a male. The situation has to involve a group of people or items that could be randomly selected, but have different aspects. Reflection Another situation that could use a venn diagram is finding out what students like which type of food. Extension
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