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The Great Gatsby Gold/Yellow Symbolism

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CJ Stricklin

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Gold/Yellow Symbolism

"The lights grew brighter as the earth lurches away from the sun, and now the orchestra is playing
cocktail music, and the opera of voices pitches a key higher" (Fitzgerald 40).
As a more intense version of
denotes joy versus happiness, wisdom versus knowledge and worth versus value. The color Gold implies wealth and status in every culture, and as the most precious trade able commodity on earth, Gold backs all global currencies and as such as referred to as the
Gold Standard
. When we say someone or something is as
good as gold
, we mean it is the absolute best it could be. We give
gold stars
to everyone from school children to military Generals to honor and commend, and we call a most favored person a
golden-haired child
. To express the genuineness or authenticity of something or someone, we use the term
solid gold
... And when a situation suddenly blesses us with good fortune, we call this the
goose that laid the golden egg
Christian & Juan
"...I put my arm around Jordan's
shoulder and drew her towards me and asked her to dinner" (Fitzgerald 79).
CJ Stricklin
Isaak Herrerias
Both yellow and gold are closely used throughout all of society. Gold is used to represent success and money, while yellow is used to represent the fake gold. Gold is traditional "old money." Yellow is just used for show and isn't actually valuable, unlike gold. In competition when you are trying to win something you are "going for the gold." It basically means you're going for the top, the most successful place. To show that gold or yellow makes someone look successful I used this quote, "Gold makes the ugly beautiful" (Moliere). The quote just explains how someone from nothing can just all of a sudden have a lot of gold or yellow (fake gold) and instantly be seen as a successful person.

Charles Stricklin
Juan Martinez

Isaak Herrerias
Charles James Stricklin I
Isaak Herrerias

Christian Ramirez
Isaak Herrerias
Gold is most common to represent wealth, high class usage, and expensive value. However the color gold can also represent the warmth and company of others. It's a stronger and more intense version of yellow. It shows happiness in people and the knowledge also. It can be used to show how good something is if you say "its gold as it can be." Gold can show the accomplishment of being in first place, or also honoring and commending. Gold can explain the good fortune of people. Gold is much very of a eye catching color people spot right away. Receiving a gold medal in the Olympics is a HUGE thing. It shows royalty around the whole world ever since kings and queens. However having possession of too much gold can lead to the bad of having control or greater power. "Gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige, elegance, and value. The color of gold implies affluence, material wealth and extravagance"(Kemmis). Simply said. Gold can be in a positive manner in wealth and richness or negative in sense of evil and/or sanctity (the state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly).
CJ Stricklin
Works Cited
Juan Martinez
"' Go ahead," answered Daisy genially, "and if you want to take down any addresses here's my little
pencil"' (Fitzgerald 105).
"On buffet tables, garnished with glistening hors-d’oeuvre, spiced baked hams crowded against salads of harlequin designs and pastry pigs and turkeys bewitched to a dark gold" (Fitzgerald 40).
'"It was a big
car," he said, "big
car. New"' (Fitzgerald 139).
Fitzgerald explains the
that is in Gatsby house during the buffet. Shows how
all the food can be served for the guest. He explains how the turkey was bewitched in
to reiterate Gatsby
The turkey being
explains the impression of
and the
. Bewitching(cast a spell on) the
explain how oven must bewitched the
in that turning it into a
luxurious gold
is also the color of
. Throughout the book jealousy is shown multiple times
by Gatsby, Daisy, Nick, Tom, Myrtle, and George. Happiness is also portrayed continuously all through the book by the same characters.
Gatsby's car is yellow, not gold. Gold is the real symbol of success, rather than yellow which is a color just for show. His yellow car is a symbol of Gatsby wanting to, but failing at, entering the high society of New York. He has that big, yellow car to try to fit in to the class he's always dreamed of since he ran away at 17. The car symbolizes the grandeur of vision that Gatsby brings to what he touches.
The colors of gold and/or yellow symbolize wealth, or more specifically, 'old money'. Daisy acquired plenty of 'old money' and the respecting status when she married Tom Buchanan. In giving the gold pencil to Tom, Daisy perhaps wanted to look more sophisticated than she actually was, and show people that she was of 'old money'.
"She held my hand impersonally, as a promise that she'd take care of me in a minute, and gave ear to two girls in twin
dresses, who stopped at the foot of the steps" (Fitzgerald 42).
In this quote, Nick is putting his arm around Jordan Baker's shoulder and asking her out to dinner. Even though Nick's world doesn't revolve around money and material items, unlike others in The Great Gatsby, he is attracted to money. Nick and Jordan start to date and he is genuinely attracted to her, not because of her wealth either. Nick says Jordan's arm is golden, and he says that comparing her to the value of gold. He thinks that she is not just a regular person, but she is as valuable to him as gold would be to the average man. The golden is use throughout her physical appearances to show the power of her professional value. She is a golden star in tennis.
Nick and Jordan are at Gatsby's house for one of his party's. Nick is

of the two girls in the
dresses because Jordan took her attention away from him when she went to talk to them.
Throughout a lot of the book there's a lot of focus on Gatsby's yellow car and why it's BIG and YELLOW. It's a symbol of his desire to be in a high class society in New York. His yellow car is his way to be a part of the society he's always wanted to be in. He dreams to enter a society full of success all around him. His car allows him to show off his success.
Juan Martinez
In the olympics; first place gets a gold medal, second place gets a silver medal, and third place gets a bronze medal. Everyone strives for gold because gold is the best you can get. The phrase "Go for the gold!" is said to encourage everyone to want themselves to be the best they can. With Olympic medals, gold is used to represent victory and success to the first placer in their event.
Since yellow symbolizes
, even though the
sunlight is gone, the orchestra's music continues to give happiness.
Jewelry is worn throughout the world that brings out a sense of optimism, good cheer and joy. Gold is the highest to be worn by people that possessed prosperity and wealth.
Gold jewelry is worn by people with great amount of money. Finding gold gets harder and harder everyday and the jewelry price for it is starting to rise greatly. When wearing gold jewelry, it shows the
unique vibration against our skin and the sweet-taste of it's richness.
Gold is always represented as the sun, so wearing gold jewelry can show how your on top of others already and your like a king or queen.
All the characters that associate with gold jewelry in the book are usually expressing there wealth and class.
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez
Juan Martinez
Every color in the book is shown
in the book cover itself. My interpretation of the
city is West Egg because it's
like the color
Isaak Herrerias
Isaak Herrerias
In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald puts an interpretation on gold throughout the whole book. His message he's getting out is that gold can represent richness, happy or prosperous, successful, extremely valuable and etc.
However he can show how having to much confidence in what
you want and showing the "gold" can lead to bad hopes or things at the end. The gold is like a cover of
richness or a small amount of sensation before it could turn yellow. Yellow is express as not being
so much of wealth or embellished. Yellow was
used to represent the people not mention very well
throughout the story? Like Daisy daughter
having the yellow hair and the two girls in the
yellow dresses. "Yellow is more of a corruptness color. Gatsby's car is yellow, a product of his corrupt
dealings. It's pretty funny and not a coincidence
that the novel's most impure character is named
after a yellow flower, Daisy. Gold is also used
among corruption and greed, although most
wouldn't mind
having more of it..."(Lorcher)
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