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Bob Marley

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t s

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Bob Marley

By: Tesia Smith
Samuel Anaya
Nikolas Aiken
Jade Eckerson

He was a supporter for People's National Party
Professional Life
Bob Marley became a musician. The band which he joined was named "The Wailers."
Early Life
Generous: He bought houses for friends and poor families in Jamaica, since he grew up poor and he knew how they felt.
Religious: Bob Marley was a Rastafarian. Some songs of his involved his beliefs.
Rebellious: He wrote songs about how people needed to stand up for their rights, the cruel government, and racism
Born Feb 6 1945 in St Ann Parish, Jamaica
Full name: Robert Nesta Marley
His religion is Rastafari.
His wife is Rita Marley
His favorite hobby was soccer and excellence at playing it
His mother was black and his dad was white. He often was made fun of because he was a mixed child
Neville "bunny" O'riley Livingston inspired Bob to play the guitar which influenced his love in music
He was supporting the PNP which made the PNP's rivals see Marley as a threat.
Bob Marley
Bob Marley played soccer: this led him to being a leader because he liked how the sport brought people together, just like music. It made some of his soccer friends to listen to his music.
Bob Marley died in May 11th 1981, due to malignant melanoma, a dangerous type of cancer that was found on his toe.
Early life pictures

Bob Marley created reggae music, his lyrics showed the power of change, equality, revolution, and injustice.
#Share1Love Moment is to honor Bob Marley's of better tomorrow by uniting the world through acts of love.
Bob played reggae music
He was a target for assassination. When he was going to be assassinated the shooter missed but harmed Bob.
He sold more than 20 million records
Bob Marley first discovered that something was wrong in 1977 when he injured his foot while playing soccer with some friends. The wound seemed pretty extreme, and when it got worse instead of healing, he decided to see a doctor. Marley was diagnosed with melanoma (a rare condition in people of African descent, but one that does occur), and an amputation of the toe was recommended.
He was a rasta so he never got the amputation.
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