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Eighth Grade Parent Meeting

No description

Angela Wurm

on 10 April 2018

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Transcript of Eighth Grade Parent Meeting

Welcome to...
Coopersville High School's

The mission of Coopersville Area Public Schools is to inspire all students to embrace a life-long love of learning, to achieve their goals and to be compassionate citizens who contribute to the global community.
Jean Arteaga (A-K)
Angie Wurm (L-Z)
confidential counseling
selecting courses
college applications
dual enrollment
career fair
finding a job
resume writing
locating resources
outside of school
Tech Center
Educational Development Plans
Career Cruising
4 credits of English
4 credits of Math
3 credits of Science
3 credits of Social Studies
2 credits of World Language (2nd year option)
½ credit of Health
½ credit of P.E. (Sports Act. or Aerobics)‏
½ credit of Computers
1 credit of Visual, Performing, Applied Arts (VPAA)
Online Learning Experience (EDP’s)‏
Graduation Requirements
English (4 credits)
English 9
English 10 (or Honors)
English 11 (or Honors)
English 12 (or AP Lit and Composition)
Math (4 credits)

Algebra 1
Algebra 2
1 credit of elective math
One math class MUST be taken senior year
Science (3 credits)

Biology (1 cr.)
Physics 1 (½ cr.) or AP Physics (1 cr.)
Chemistry 1 (½ cr.)
Physics 2
Chemistry 2
One science elective (½ cr.)
Social Studies (3 credits)
American History (1 cr.)
World History (1 cr.) (or AP)
Economics (½ cr.)
Government (½ cr.) (or AP)

World Language (2 credits)
Spanish 1 and 2 (each 1 cr.)
2nd year option: CTC or another 1.0 VPAA?
Colleges prefer/require 2 years
Other Requirements
Computers (½ credit)
P.E. - Fitness or Sports Activity (½ credit)
Health (½ credit)
VPAA (1 credit) (List on back of Course Selection sheet and in Course Description Book online)
On-line Learning Experience
Come to school prepared & on time EVERYDAY!
Complete and turn in ALL homework on time!
Use your planner!
Do your best work always!
Stay focused THIS year.
8th grade habits carry over to high school.
Seek help EARLY!
Require homework/study time every night.
Provide a quiet place to do homework.
Encourage/require after school help.
Continue to encourage kids to take
rigorous classes throughout high school.
Document volunteer opportunities,
awards, work experience, etc.
Create a file for storing info from
Student Services
Choose classes carefully.

AP Lit and Comp
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
AP Biology
AP Physics 1B
AP Physics 2B
AP Chemistry
11th and 12th grade
2 per semester
Michigan Virtual High School
E2020 (Edgenuity) for Credit Recovery
Self motivation
Time management skills
Basic Computer skills
Get involved!
See Course Description Book
Offered 9th - 12th grade
Courses taken at the college
CHS pays approx. $750 per class
Apply 1 semester in advance
MCC classes offered at CAPS!
Earning college credit
Choosing Classes
Staying Connected
Ways to help your student:
Get access to the parent portal and check grades regularly.
Contact teachers by email or phone.
Contact your student’s counselor.
Check your student's planner.
Check email (parents & students)
Achieving Success
8th Grade Parent Meeting
Best Preparation for High School
Online Classes
What makes a good online learner?
Preparing for life
beyond high school
College classes taken at MCC
11th, 12th, and 13th year
Associate's Degree (62 credits)
Early College
An agreement b/w the HS and the college
Colleges grant credit for earning a
pre-approved grade (3.0) in our HS courses
Teacher must complete & sign a form
These college credits are non-transferable
See agreements in Course Description Book
Bus to Port Sheldon St. in Holland
Offered to juniors and seniors (AM or PM)
Lottery system
Must be passing classes at CHS
Get grad requirements completed early
See Course Description Book for list of programs or go to oaisd.org/ctc
Careerline Tech Center
Dual Enrollment
Tardiness beyond 15 mins. = absent
Parents can't excuse tardies, only absences
1st tardy = warning
2nd tardy = 15 min. detention
3rd tardy = 30 min. detention
4th tardy = 45 min. detention
5th tardy = 60 min. detention
6th tardy = unexcused absence
11+ absences = lose credit in class
AP US History
AP World History
AP Gov and Politics
AP Spanish
AP Studio Art
AP classes online
Course Description Book
High School
Student Services
Extra-curricular activities
New Families

Enrollment forms online @ coopersvillebroncos.org
under "Our District" tab
School of choice students: "Non-Resident Application Form"
(available online March 1)
Turn the Course Selection Sheets in to Student Services
Freshmen orientation (for students) the week before school starts
Open house for parents in September
Helps all athletic teams with funding areas not covered by the Athletic Department
Raise money by running concession stands, etc.
Meetings the first Monday of every month
See their Facebook page or call the Athletic office for more information
AP Courses
Coopersville Athletic Booster Club
Per semester
Standardized Testing
9th: PSAT in the fall & spring
10th: PSAT in the fall & spring
11th: PSAT in the fall
& SAT, M-STEP, WorkKeys in the spring
Teen trends
Internet safety and social media:

Know what your kids are doing online
Have household rules
Open communication
school discipline
stalking and harassment laws

It's Illegal & kids are being prosecuted
Sex offenders list
Talk to your kids about the dangers

the images are not permanent (screen shot)
Police can find anything
Informational Meeting each December!
Early College
High School Credits
Classes taken in 8th grade that count as high school credit can be transferred to CHS
Need letter, email, or report card from sending school
Option to take our placement test (final exam)
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