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Censorship in The Giver

Language Arts Project

Grace Quisenberry

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Censorship in The Giver

Censorship in The Giver By: Grace Quisenberry Television & Movies Music Literature Bleep it Out Books and Librarys This relates to the Giver
because while "The Giver" censored
from all inappropriate language this demonstrates a lack of precision of language. This is because whatever 'Lish' was going to say was not told directly, instead a bleep was inserted instead. A quote from "The Giver" that helps us understand this is, "But the reason for precision of language was to ensure that unintensional lies were never uttered." (Page 70) If we were to insert many words in place of the bleeps there would be many different possibilities of what she was saying. Nakedness In our world on TV if a person is
naked and the show or movie is not R or MA
rated then the body is covered. In the book, "The Giver" there is a rule not to look at a person's nakedness and if you do then you have to apologize. A quote that shows this is, "It was against the rules for children or adults to look at another's nakedness; but the rule did not apply to the newchildren or the Old... and the required apology if one had by mistake glimpsed another's body was always awkward." (pg 30) TV
(television) In "The Giver there is no TV. The only part in the book that even mentions the screen is, "Jonas watched the video screen above the row of switches." (Page147)
This says to me that he was used to the screen but there is no mention of one in his dwelling or at school. Movies In this world of ours we choose what we see and what our children see but in "The Giver" everything is censored for you. Everything is G or at most PG. There is no sexual content, explicit language, nudity (except for newchildren and the Old), or any differences between people. All people are the same, except for the "light eyes" that some people have who carry the Giver gene. Differences Through movies and TV we see the differences between people, clothing, and ideas.
In Jonas's world all the people are the same. There is no color for difference in hair or skin tone. They all wear the same clothing (except for the undergarments). With music, religion, and the ability to speak freely we produce different ideas and different ways to think. This tells us that at one time there was music in this world because the Giver recalls it from the memories of the past. Clean & Explicit In our world, in today's time, lots of people use explicit language, or "cuss" is the most referred term for it. In our music we can have a choice if the song is explicit or clean. Clean means that there is no explicit language. In "The Giver" there is no music. They are completely censored from it for fear that it would influence the people to rebel to the new ideas gained from it. News & Media Resources "The Giver" By Lois Lowry
Prezi Insert Images
"Paranormalcy" By Kiersten White Announcements In "The Giver" there is no such thing as music in the community. There are chants but no actual singing. My guess is that they thought that people might start thinking differently about one another if they head them sing. This is because some people are good singers, some are bad and the fact that certain people can hit a different range of notes than others. Sopranos and Altos for instance or Tenor or Baritone. Music News In the book, "The Giver" the only way that the citizens get any new information is through a speaker unlike in our world where we get our information from many different sources. One form the information we gets takes is in the newspaper. This allows us to access the information at any time unlike these people which are spoken it. A quote that tells us this is, "IMMEDIATLY, the rasping voice through the speakers had said. LEAVE YOUR BICYCLES WHERE THEY ARE." (Page 2)
This tells us that the people of this community were used to receiving news like this for there was no explanation. Also there was no doubt in the fact that the people wouldn't obey. Internet Television The internet is yet another way that we receive knowledge.
In "The Giver" there is no such thing as the internet. All information or knowledge that the people know has been censored by the elders and the Receiver. there is no uncensored knowledge in the community besides for the memories that the Receiver alone has. Television was one of the main sources of news broadcasts before the internet was invented. While the internet has impacted the amount of people that watch television lots of people still do. In this futuristic world there is no television. The only thing that the people hear besides the natural things are their voices, other people's voices, and the Speaker. The Speaker is a speaker where most of their information comes from. Beyond In "The Giver" the previous Receiver, or the Giver, developed his skills differently than Jonas. Instead of seeing beyond as Jonas did he heard beyond. This meant that he heard music. A quote that shows this is, "'Music,' The Giver said, smiling. 'I began to hears something remarkable'" This also means that this world wasn't always so desolate of creativity and choices. In the book, "The Giver" the ordinary citizens don't have books to read for recreational purposes.
A quote that shows this is, "But the most conspicuious difference was the books. In his own dwelling, there were the necessary reference volumes that each household contained: a dictionary, and the thick community volume which contained descriptions of every office, factory, building, and committee. And the Book of rules, of course...The books in his own dwelling were the only books that Jonas had seen. He had never known that other books existed."
This tells us that to the people of the community there was no recreation with books, just study and help. In the book "Paranormalcy" there is a mermaid named Lish. She speaks to the main character, Evie, through a computer that will bleep out any explicit language. An example of this is, "Lish tried to swear-which is always funny because the computer won't translate it. It went something like this: 'Bleep stupid bleep bleep faeries and their bleep bleep obsessions. He had better stop bleep bleep bleep the bleep bleep rules or I will bleep bleep bleep the little bleeeeeeeeeeep.'" (Page 36) No Bedtime Stories? Today we have hundreds of books at hand, for recreation, for study, and many other things. A quote that tells us about this is, "He couldn't imagine what the thousands of pages contained. Could there be rules beyond rules that governed the community? Could there be more descriptions of offices and factories and committees?"
In Jonas's world the only books that he knows of are the ones mentioned before. He has no idea that there were once tales to read before bedtime or stories about love or journals of quests taken long ago. To him all books are about rules.
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