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Persuading People: Using Genre Study in Writing Workshop to Teach Persuasive Writing

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Katey Girard

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Persuading People: Using Genre Study in Writing Workshop to Teach Persuasive Writing

school starts too early for adolescent brains (and some adult brains). Writing workshop Enter genre study:
Penny Kittle's "Write beside them" This is what I do: "bell work" mini-lesson What makes an opening interesting?
how do I use a semicolon in writing?
What the heck does it mean to revise? gathering work time conferencing why? organization. the focus is on writing. students deserve choice. and students read like writers. i can focus on students. quickwrites PROBLEM I have to
student choice. Before:
I stole absolutely everything from readwritethink.org
I felt incredibly disorganized.
I assigned writing like my pants were on fire. persuasion Something had to change. So I consulted the girls:
Nancie Atwell and Linda Reif.
Later, I also "chatted" with my bffs
Penny Kittle and Katie Wood Ray.
And Ralph Fletcher. And Jeff Anderson.
And Kelly Gallagher. And... you get the idea. how Penny handles this. What do you notice? mini-lessons:
what do kids need to know
about persuasion?
What kinds of minilessons could we do?
Let's chat about that. Agree/Disagree:
After hearing the statement,
please move to the side of the room that best reflects your opinion-- No middle ground. After you've chosen a side, write for 3 minutes "defending your position". Core subjects are more important than the arts. students are beginning to date at too young of an age. You should speak English if you want to live in the United States. It is reasonable to expect citizens to sacrifice civil liberties during wartime.
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