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Edgar Allan Poe and Dark Romanticism

No description

Ashley Turner

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Edgar Allan Poe and Dark Romanticism

Ashley Turner Childhood Life In Conclusion Edgar and Dark Romanticism Born January 19, 1809 in Boston
Father abondoned family and mother became ill
After mother dies, the children were separated
Edgar is taken in by relatives - the Allans Edgar married his younger cousin Virginia
Rejection from his work and Virginia's weakening health brought Poe to an unstable state of mind.
Poe turned to alcohol
His inability to hold a job eventually lead to Virginia's death
Poe's meantal health began to deteriorate, but he continued to publish works After Virginia's death, Poe went to remarry
Poe disappeared when he traveled to pick up his aunt for the wedding
He was found unconious in Baltimore and died in hospital a few days later
It is unknown what happened to Edgar Allan Poe Edgar became a Dark Romantic because of the morbitity of his life
The terrible sequence of events which riddled his life lead him to truely believe that the world was shrouded in sin and insanity
Edgar's abuse of alcohol and weak mind lead to the hallucinations and tormenting dreams that influenced his work
Poe's life experiences created the brilliant Dark Romantic Edgar Allan Poe Time Period Poe is considered a symbol for the birth of dark romanticism
Romanticism was the reaction to the transcendentalism movement
Dark romantics don't look on life in the optimistic manner in which transcendentalists did "...[Dark Romantics] believed that man was more prone to sin and self-destruction... Dark Romantics also believed the world was shrouded in mystery and elements of the supernatural were not uncommon in the literature of the period; especially in Poe's work" (Bourchard, Jennifer "Literary Contexts in Short Stories: Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Tell-Tale Heart'"). "The Purloined Letter"
Dark Romanticism There are key characteristics in "The Purloined Letter" that identify it as a Dark Romantic piece
This piece is wrapped in the mystery of a stolen letter
The atmosphere and dark acts are other important characteristics Virginia Poe "It is not har to see the connection between the nightmare of Poe's life and his work"("Edgar Allan Poe").
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