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OER: Good public policy

Good public policy for Canada

David Porter

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of OER: Good public policy

Continued cost increases for education

Greater student loans and decreased access

Resource development costs will increase

Canada's stature and reputation as an education leader will diminish internationally
Good public policy for Canada
Adopt the principle that curriculum resources paid for with public funds should be open and reusable

Use Creative Commons licenses as a basis for all open content and OER

Endorse the UNESCO OER declaration from the World Congress on OER, June 2012
An action agenda for CMEC
Open educational resources are digital materials offered freely and openly for use and reuse in teaching, learning and research
What are OER?
(UNESCO, 2002)
Reuse - use the work exactly as you found it

Revise - alter or transform the work so that it better meets your needs

Remix - combine the work with other works to better meet your needs

Redistribute - share the work, or remixed work with others
The 4Rs for open content
Legal issues have until now prevented sharing of educational materials

Creative Commons provides "open licenses" to help overcome the barrier
Open education
Dr. Cable Green, Director of Global Strategy
Creative Commons
Open repositories share content world wide
Open textbooks cost 60-80% less than conventional textbooks

Average college student in US will save over $700 per year using open textbooks

Access to education is enhanced
OER benefits
Reduced development costs

Reduced student loan demand
Benefits for government
Enhanced sharing and collaboration among institutions

Reduced K-12 textbook cost
Benefits for government
What is happening internationally?
Hon. Naomi Yamamoto, Minister
Ministry of Advanced Education
Education for All

Building knowledge societies, especially "knowledge-sharing societies"

Exploring the need for policy at all levels in the education sectors
Internationally, UNESCO is working to remove barriers through awareness raising
How can Canada play a key role in OER development and policy support?
Action agenda needed
If we do nothing...
What has been done to make content freely and openly available?
Mythbusters - popular OER myths answered...
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