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Lamar University Review Sessions

No description

Dimples Jones

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Lamar University Review Sessions

By Dimples Jones Lamar University Review Sessions Domains & Competencies Each student must pass their subject area content exam and the PPR (Professional and Pedagogy Responsibilities) exam.
Students scores are low in their initial attempt.
Identify and discuss each area of domain and competencies where the students score low.
Discuss issues and changes with students, staff and faculty by developing a test-taking strategy.
Testing Strategies Develop a strategy for improvement of testing scores with additional study material.
 Review technology resources to collect and analyze data, maintain budget for testing materials interpret results, and communicate findings to Assessment Director to improve students testing abilities.
 The team will demonstrate and communicate face to face interactions, and hands on activities with students
 Demonstrate the knowledge of technology to my staff because of my daily use of testing and presentations along with setting up workshops for my staff.
 Feedback from faculty on the concepts and content areas being covered in their classroom. Evaluate Test Scores Students who do not pass are required to complete a mandatory review session.
Students will be monitored by the number of times they test each semester and the progress being made.
Create questions comparable to the real TExES test questions.
Create vocabulary lists, vocabulary cards, and discussion questions
Review sessions will contribute to a total learning environment with emphasis on helping students become self-regulated learners.
Identify Strengths and Weakness  Review policies, procedures and changes for testing and teacher certification that SBEC has implemented.
 Develop a plan for improvement of testing scores with additional study material.
 Assist with installing software in computer lab for testing reviews and Lamar proficiency exams.
 Evaluate students learning process and time spent on reviews; also make decisions regarding the use of technology.
 Schedule monthly meetings with faculty for suggestions and findings to enhance the knowledge of key or vocabulary words for students.
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