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Social Media studies

Overview of Social Media Marketing course.

Victoria Guseva

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Social Media studies

Key Trends 2014
Mobile is about to go mainstream
Explosive grows of visual web
We’ll witness the rise of micro-video
Google + will grow faster than ever
Blogging will remain the #1 way to generate new business
Investment in social media will become a necessity, not a luxury

The 3 Most Important Facebook Updates of 2013
introduced social search with Graph Search
launched clickable #hashtags
updated its News Feed algorithm with a new 20% rule
The 3 Most Important Twitter Updates of 2013
went public (finally)
images began showing automatically in users' streams
introduced Lead Generation Cards
The 3 Most Important LinkedIn Updates of 2013
LinkedIn announced LinkedIn Contacts
Showcase Pages were also unveiled by LinkedIn
Sponsored Updates were the next advertising solution developed by LinkedIn
What is working now – 3 E’s
• Entertainment
• Education
• Experience
WHat’s not working
• Constantly asking for Likes/Shares
• Posting constant sales messages
• Always talking about yourself
Posting Strategies
• Calls to action
• Text 40%, Photos 40%,
Links 20%
• Shareable content
• Ask more questions
• Posting more often – 2-5 times/day
KPIs – Key Performance Indicators
• More Engagement – Facebook Insights
• More Traffic – Google Analytics
• More E-mail signups – Special tags/ lists
• More Sales – Google Goals, Ask, Conversion Pixels

• Organic Reach to keep dropping
• New ways to advertise – Video Ads, More options
• Mobile use to increase
• Facebook will stay relevant through 2014
• Smaller businesses need to evolve
What to Expect in 2014
"Facebook tends to innovate very quickly. They tend to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. Twitter is not as experimental."
Brian Blau (social media analyst, Gartner)
selling native ads (greater synergy with MoPub)
expanding its self-service ad platform to more countries
becoming more visual and interactive
developig partnerships with the media
Twitter offers three different kinds of paid advertising:
promoted accounts
5 Tools For Twitter Marketing
1. Twellow - organizes followers by offering a profile which includes sample tweet, number of followers currently following; categories for your followers.

2. Tweet later - set tweets in advance; acts as a landing page for the link you provide for your website.

3. Twitths - enables other users to send URL of your page with a description to all of their followers.

4. Tweet beep - used by bloggers when there predetermined keywords are used in tweets. Helps in improving keyword niche.

5. Twit pwr: This is used to create short URLs which are more compatible with tweets and also in tracking and ranking service for all your accounts.
Successful Twitter campaigns
There are over 1 billion unique monthly visitors on YouTube;
4,2 billon people use mobile device to access social media sites;
Women check out brand's social page more often than men;
More than 23% of marketers are investing in blogging & social media;
Around 46% of web users turn to social media for making purchase;
60% of consumer says the integration of social media makes them more likely to share products and services.

1.15 Billion+
total users
There are over 288 million active users
28% of retweets are due to inclusion of "please RT!"
Twitter's fastest growing age demographic is 55 to 64 year alds, registering an increase in aclive users of 79%;
60% of Twitter users access it from mobile;
Approx 20 million user accounts are fake;
On an average, over 400 million tweets being sent per day;
208 is average number of tweets per account
500 million+ total users

500 Million+
total users
Over 343 Million active users on Google+;
Platform has over 67% male users;
80% users login at least once a week; 60% - every day;
The +1 button is served more than 5 billion times per day;
40% of marketers use Google+; 70% desire to learn more and 67% plan to increase G+ activities;
Animated GIFs are still the most engaging type of post

Total number of LinkedIn groups are 1.5 million;
27% users access LinkedIn thought their mobile;
50% of LinkedIn users have their Bachelor;s or Graduate degree;
81% of users at least belong to one group;
42% update their profile information regularly;
Over 3 million LinkedIn Company Pages;
Over 1 Billion LinkedIn endoursements
751 million users access Facebook from mobile with 7.000 different divices;
There are over 10 Million Facebook apps so far;
23% of Facebook user's check their account more than 5 times a day
74% of marketers believe Facebook is important for their lead generation strategy;
350 Million ohotos are uploaded every day;
75% of possible engagement a post gets in its first 5 hours
328 Million+
total users
What is working
Drive a direct response with Tweets that:
If you want people to click on a URL, don’t include hashtags, @mentions, or rich media that could distract from your link.
Harness Twitter’s real-time capabilities to inspire action.
Pique curiosity, drive clicks and generate leads by delivering a compelling and relevant offer that links to your most recent blog post or white paper.
Include a clear call to action.
Create a sense of urgency.
Demonstrate thought leadership.
Drive awareness with Promoted Tweets that:
Tweets with images drive double the engagement (Buddy Media, 6/26/12, “Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review”).
Get visual.
Seize the moment.

Industry-based, seasonal and cultural events are great opportunities to tap into popular conversations and engage followers.
Ask for what you want.
Increase your reach by explicitly asking for Retweets, replies or @mentions.
How does a software marketer boost B2B lead generation, conversion rates and ROI?
3 keys to success
Promoted Accounts help you build your B2B follower base. @HubSpot attracted new decision makers by targeting users who are interested in B2B and marketing.
Use Promoted Accounts to reach new potential customers.

Promoted Tweets keep your business front and center with your followers. @HubSpot used Promoted Tweets in timelines to place new messages and calls to action at the top of the feeds of their followers as well as users similar to their followers.
Stay top-of-mind with Promoted Tweets.
Build loyalty with your followers by being a thought leader and a valuable resource for industry information. @HubSpot offers useful content to their followers, such as links to educational content and e-books, webinars and a free marketing assessment.
Provide value to your followers.
How to measure it
Impressions: The number of times someone sees your Promoted Account or Promoted Tweet, in timeline or in search.

Engagements: The total number of interactions with your Promoted Tweet. This includes Retweets, replies or favorites. Expanding the Tweet or a click anywhere (hashtags, avatars, links, @username) on the Tweet are also included.

Engagement rate: The number of clicks, Retweets, replies, follows and favorites divided by the total number of impressions.

Spend: The total amount spent to date on Promoted Tweets and/or Promoted Accounts campaigns.

eCPE: The total number of engagements with Promoted Tweets divided by total spend to date.

CPF: The total number of followers gained through Promoted Accounts divided by total spend to date.
Promoted accounts
Get your account in front of highly engaged users likely to be interested in your business
Target by geography, interest or gender
Get promoted on mobile, desktop and tablets
Access a robust suite of analytics
Use our self-service tools for guidance on how to set up, manage and optimize your campaigns
Larger brands can create custom campaign plans with the help of a Twitter Ads specialist
Attract new followers before a major promotion, event, new product launch or any other time you’d like to quickly grow your audience
Expand the reach of your your online presence
Build a strong base of engaged followers who share and amplify your messages—an important part of any long-term marketing strategy
An ideal way to
Promoted Tweets
An ideal way to
Get your most important Tweets in front of the right people
Target Twitter users by keywords in timeline, interest, geography and device
Get guidance on how to set up, manage and optimize your campaigns with our self-service tools
Larger brands can work with a Twitter Ads specialist to design custom campaign plans
Reach users at the right moment and in the right context
Amplify your message to both existing and potential followers
Promote an event, deal, product, contest or service
Promoted Trends
Get massive exposure for your business, brand or product
Spark conversations
Associate your Trend with Promoted Tweets of your choice for a complete experience
Target by geography
Run major campaigns
Launch new products
Target key dates to drive mass awareness
An ideal way to
What is working
Target the Appropriate Audience;
Be Direct and Specific;
Continuously Launch Test Ads;
Follow Editorial Guidelines;
Include a strong call to action.
Example of successful campaign
HP UK: Changing brand perceptions
Raise awarness of product and services for SMBs
Engage directly with potential customers to change perceptions
LinkedIn Custom Group
LinkedIn Join Group Ads
Measure the Results

1. Total Connections
2. New Invitations
3. LinkedIn Profile Views
4. LinkedIn Search Results
5. Business Followers
6. Industry and Location Representation

1. Inbox Activity and Sentiment
2. Requests for Business
3. LinkedIn Signal Keyword Mentions
4. Likes and Comments on Updates
5. Group Growth and Interaction
FiveHundredPlus - maintain and build relationships
Rapportive - Gmail plugin
Hootsuite - sharing on groups

Tips for blogging with purpose
1. Answer questions
2.Teach, don’t preach
4.Make it easy on the eyes
5.Use images
6.Be transparent
7.Don’t back down
8.Be consistent
9.Tell stories
10.Use Information Architecture
11.Encourage sharing
12.Promote your blog
300 m users active in G+ stream
540+ M users active across google
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