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Hermes Pitch

Aj Helgeson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Hermes

Hermes by: Aj Helgeson Hermes was the messenger of the Gods; he was also the god of travel, diplomacy, trade, and thievery. He was the son of Zeus and a Mountain Nymph, from birth he was very inventive as he made the first lyre from a turtle shell and stretched sinews. Easily recognizable by his trademark hat and shoes my client is already a household name that has helped countless heroes including Perseus and Hercules. With this international recognition I’m sure you will have no issue seeing that my client is the perfect being to represent your brand and product. My client is already represented by many namesake brands and services that dot the globe. among countless others two names come the mind: the FTD Floral Delivery service already has purchased partial rights to my clients likeness and the Clothing and accessory line Hermes has long been a user of his name to enhance their Global appeal. The correlation between your product and my client is as simple as your slogan "Red Bull gives you wings" as my client already possesses wings I can think of many new clever catch phrases for Hermes to spout off while guzzling down your drink. Bibliography "Hermes." Greek Mythology. Web. 20 Apr. 2010. <http://mythweb.com/gods/Hermes.html>.

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