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All Suite & Extended Stay Hotel

No description

Erix Souza

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of All Suite & Extended Stay Hotel

Khairiq & Fakhri All Suite All Suite Hotel
All room are suite
May have separate living room and bed Definition An service apartment Extended Stay Hotel Planning and Consideration The planning of this hotel is to gain a maximum profit and also give a satisfaction to the guest. The most suitable location is in the middle of town. Usually all suite and extended stay hotel is occupied by businessman. All suite and extended stay hotel can be group in luxury hotel. Luxury or Economy This is because the rate are quite high and the room are quite big for the all suite hotel. Give travelers a place to stay when they were far from home Designed like at home Mostly common facilities are : Facilities Restaurant and bar
Internet access
Meeting room
Limousine service
Swimming pool, spa, gym
Tennis court Why Call That? All suite hotel
Because of the room its self Extended stay hotel
Usually people stay for a long period of time “extended stay”
Offer discount if stay more than 5 days All Suite Hotel
All type of room are ‘suite’
Luxury features, comfortable and setisfaction
Have same department as standard hotel
Rooms division
Other Characteristic with features unavailable at standard hotels. These features are intended to provide more home-like amenities Characteristic Extended Stay Hotel Usually have self-serve laundry facilities Example Four Star All Suite Las Vegas Example Micasa All Suite Kuala Lumpur & Extended Stay Hotel
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