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INFOmap Final Presentation

INFOmap is a mobile application for the Android operating system.

Alex Tam

on 1 August 2010

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Transcript of INFOmap Final Presentation

Future Plans 3D Maps Pedometer Bus Schedule Gaming Shopping Apps Amusement Parks Obstacles Exits Items Rooms Questions? Commands Word Limit A user-specified number of words
spoken by the program per command. 1. Name
2. Quantity
3. Location
4. Description "Start" "Exit" "Add" "Where am I" "Describe" "Describe Chair" Camera Vibrator Accelerometer Processor Gyrometer It's like a compass It takes your picture It's programmed for the Android OS Used for feedback It measures movement Android An operating system for mobile devices that uses Java-based libraries. Indoor Navigation For the
Optically-challenged Angela Proffitt Alex Tam Kevin Grant INFOmap Demo One More Thing...
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