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Patrick Vale

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of BABY BOOMERS

Baby Boomers
born 1980 - 2000
Generation most likely to say that what makes the United States great is its ‘reliance on long-standing principles’?
Generation most likely to have supported Bernie Sanders for president in this election?
Generation least likely to regularly attend religious services?

Patrick Vale
September 16, 2016
born 1940 - 1960
-post WW2; belief in the power, prosperity, safety of USA
- idealism
- freedom, personal liberation
born 1960 - 1980
Generation X
- cynicism, anxiety, independence
- self-reliance, no adult supervision
- grunge, alternative, slackers
- more convervative, less idealistic
- technology (the internet); digital lives vs. real lives
- inclusion, globalization, political correctness
- innovation, entrepreneurship
- participation trophies
- USA as vulnerable
Generation with the highest voting percentage in political elections?
Generation most likely to believe that ‘government regulation of business does more harm than good’?
Generation most likely to believe that peace cannot be achieved through military means?
Generation more likely to live in a city as opposed to a rural area?
Generation most likely to say that what makes the United States great is its ‘ability to change’?
Generation more likely to be living on their own than with their parents during their twenties?
Generation more likely to be married?
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