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RGU PREZI SEMINAR 1- A Journey through the World of Prezi

An Introduction for students and KUL staff of the main functions of PREZI

Teodor Toshkin

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of RGU PREZI SEMINAR 1- A Journey through the World of Prezi

A Journey through the World of
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Welcome to Seminar 1-
Introduction to Prezi
Understanding what Prezi is
When to use Prezi
Prezi vs PowerPoint
What are the features of the product
Practical exercise including all basic tools of Prezi
Do you have any questions
so far ?
Visually display your thoughts
What is Prezi, and why should we use it?
Share ideas and
increase understanding
Tell a story
PowerPoint is linear
Prezi is flexible
Ideas aren't always linear, don't be forced to think linearly.
Use layout, animation and depth
to help your audience understand complex concepts
Use all sorts of media tools to engage with your audience
Creating a Free account:

Simply use your KUL email account!
Adding and customizing Text
Symbols, Shapes and Diagrams
You can easily add images in two ways:

Format your frame for an image and replace the placeholder

Use the Insert→image from the drop down menu
Adding Videos, Music and Background Sound
Adding Frames
and Arrows to organize
your content

Prezi is about collaboration
You can share your Prezi
Other features:

You can insert PowerPoint presentations and edit them
You can download your Prezi in PDF
Do simple Design projects

Explore the Menu of Templates
or Start with a Blank Canvas
Exploring the available themes
You can work with other people
no matter where ever they are in the world.
Time to put your skills into practice
Thank you very much for you attention!

Teodor Toshkin- Prezi Ambassador
2nd Prezi Seminar-
Thursday 2nd April

Next Prezi Seminar:
Advanced Settings
Adding PPT
Inserting Music
3D Backgrounds
Play with CSS options
Supported Formats:
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