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Abby Crawford Milton

No description

Bri saulsgiver

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Abby Crawford Milton

Abby Crawford Milton was born in 1881 in Georgia and died in florida in 1991. She married Geoge Fort Milton in 1904 and moved to Chattanooga, then had three daughters. She attended Chattanooga College of Law and lived to be 110. She received a law degree but never practiced. Milton was a leader of woman suffrage movement in Tennessee Her Acccomplishments Abby C. Milton was youngest suffrage leaders. she served as the last of the President of the Tennessee equal suffrage association before the nineteenth amendment was approved Milton spent the whole month of august lobbying in favor of suffrage. After the nineteenth amendment was written in to law in 1920 she because the first president of the league of woman voters of Tennessee. After the nineteenth amendment gave american woman the right to vote. she went back Chattanooga there she continued to support reforms wich would benefit woman. She was a delegate-at-large to the democratic national convention. In the 1930's she ran for the Tennessee state senate but was not successful IB learner characteristics of Milton are that she was a caring person and was a risk taker, she was personally active in woman suffrage. She traveled to Tennessee giving speeches and she encouraged small groups to support suffrage.
she was caring because she was personally involved in causes that benefited woman.

her efforts in helping women's rights will allow me to vote when I am an adult. she showed that women can do any thing that they set their minds to. Her work allows me to run for a political office of I want to. IB learner characteristics by Bri Saulsgiver determind to succed biography THE CandaceCorrigan.com, Tennessee Encyclopedia,UTC, Wikipedia, Appalachian history Resources END Abby Crawford Milton
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