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Shortwave Radio Stations

Info about them

M. C.

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Shortwave Radio Stations

Some time ago, there were a lot of Radio Stations
but now there are less than 150 Radio Stations in
the world. Info about Shortwave Radio Stations How many Stations there are
now? Shortwave Radio Stations This is a photo of a Radio Station Called
"Adventist World Radio" which broadcast from USA . Shortwave Radio Stations
along history What Kind of Shortwave Radio Stations there are? There are a lot of Shortwave Radio Stations but these are the most Important:
International Radio Stations that broadcast for an external audience like Voice of Nigeria, Radio Taiwan International, Radio Prague, Radio Habana Cuba, Radio Australia among others.
Religious Radio Stations like Adventist World Radio, Transworld Radio, WEWN Radio, Athmeeya Yatra Radio, CVC and others.
Local Radio Stations like Radio Santa Cruz, Radio Nikkei, Radio Sonder Grense, Shortwave Radio Station Logos Some info about them, The ones that have beenbroadcasting this yearand some years ago.
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