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6.05 Module 6 Project

No description

Nancy Alexis

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of 6.05 Module 6 Project

6.05 Module 6 Project
Analysis: Water Pollution
By Nancy Alexis

After clear and thoughtful thinking I have finally come to a decision. The best solution to solving water pollution in our community is to enforce laws and regulations on littering and disposing of waste. I feel that this solution is most effective because people will most likely help keep the water clean if there are laws. People will fear the consequences of disobeying the law, thus they will stop littering and keep the water clean. The other two solutions won't be as effective because many people will still disregard them. With the enforcement of these laws we can help clean our water clean.
Meeting the Criteria
Solution 1: "The government may enforce laws on industrial waste disposal/pollution."

Usually when government enforces laws more people obey them, in fear of the consequences. For example, if people were to be fined for littering, more people would stop. They would want to avoid the fine. Eventually this would mean the littering would stop and water pollution would be solved. This solution has met my criteria.

Solution 2: "Limit the amount of insecticide or fertilizers that can be used because during runoff it contaminates water sources."

Although this helps eliminate the contamination of the water it is not the most effective. To begin with this is not the biggest problem. Sure it contributes to the water pollution, but it doesn't the biggest impact. In order to solve the problem we must attack the bigger problem first. This solution has failed to meet my criteria.

Solution 3: " Don’t litter because it may find its way to a water source."

If everyone in the community stopped littering that would be great and that would definitley make a difference with the water pollution. However, not everyone will partake in this solution. To be realistic we know that there are some people who simply still not care and keep littering. This solutiong has failed to meet my criteria.
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