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Science Fair Project

No description

Elisabeth Mata

on 3 January 2017

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

Spewing Soda

By: Elisabeth Mata

What type of soda spews the most when shaken with mentos out of these four sodas Sprite, Coca- Cola, Grape Fanta, and Dr.Pepper?
The purpose of doing this is to find out what type of soda will spew the most soda out of the bottle do to the reaction of the mentos shaken in the bottle of soda.
I think that the type of soda that will spew the most will be the Coca- Cola bottle due to it's numerous sugars and dissolved carbon dioxide gas.
I had four bottles of different types of soda 1 Coca-Cola bottle, 1 Sprite bottle, 1 Grape Fanta bottle, and 1 Dr.Pepper bottle which I wanted to see what the different reactions they would each have with the mentos shaken in the bottles.
1. Four 2 litter sodas (each different types of soda)
2. 1 package of mentos
1. First open the 4 soda bottles at the same time.
2. Then put 1 mento in each bottle of soda at the same time.
3. After that you close each bottle and then shake all the bottles at the same time.
Internet picture
Google spreadsheets - graph
This will help me in the future to not jump to conclusions on a topic that may be judged on by what they have in them. For example how in my hypothesis I took the sugars, and dissolved carbon dioxide as the reason that the Coca- Cola would be the soda that spews the most.
In Conclusion my hypothesis was wrong the Coca-Cola did not spew the most it was the Dr.Pepper.
In my results the Dr.Pepper was the soda that spewed the most when shaken with the mentos.Then it was the Coca-Cola, Grape Fanta, and the Sprite.
To spew is to expel large quantities of something rapidly and and forcibly.
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