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Jonny's Alaska State Report

No description

Tina Clements

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Jonny's Alaska State Report

Alaska State Report By: Jonny Anderson Other Basic Facts State Symbols and Emblems State Bird, Land Mammal, Marine Mammal and Fish State Insect, Fossil, Flower and Tree State Mineral, Gem, Soil, Sport Alaska State Flag Origin of the Name of Alaska, State Nickname, Motto, and Song Alaska State Song State Abbreviation, Capital, Largest City, Area, and Population Major Lakes and Rivers, and Highest Point Name For Residents, Major Industries and Number of Counties Basic Facts About Alaska Major Lakes: Iliamna Lake, Aleknagik Lake,
Becharof Lake, Clark Lake and Minchumina Lake
Major Rivers: Yukon River, Kuskokwim River, Colville River, and Copper River
Highest Point: Mt McKinley 20,320 ft above sea level (the highest point in the US) Origin of the Name of Alaska: The Word Alaska is from the Aleut Indian word "alaxsxag" or "agunalaksh" that means, The mainland or the shore
Nickname: The Last Frontier
Motto: "North To The Future"
Song: Alaska's Flag It's lyrics explains the symbolism of the Alaskaian state flag Alaska's state flag was adopted in 1959. The golden stars represents the Big Dipper and the North Star, also called the Polaris. This beautiful flag was chosen from a flag-designing contest. It was designed in 1926 by a 13-year-old Native American boy named Bennie Benson. Bennie was from the village of Chignik; he won 1,000-dollar scholarship and a watch for winning the contest. Bird: Willow ptarmigan
Land Mammal: Moose
Marine Mammal: Bowhead whale
Fish: King Salmon Insect: Four spot skimmer dragonfly
Fossil: Wooly Mammoth
Flower: Forget-me-not
Tree: Sitka spruce Mineral: Gold
Gem: Jade
Soil: Estelle
Sport: Dog Mushing Abbreviation: AK
Capital: Juneau
Largest City: Anchorage
Area 656,425 sq mi (largest state in the US)
Population: 626,932 (as of 2000 census) Name for Residents: Alaskans
Major Industries: Oil (petroleum)
Number of Counties: 27 Bordering States, Country and Bodies of Water Bordering States: none
Bordering Country: Canada
Bordering Bodies of Water: Artic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Beaufort Sea, Bering Sea, and Gulf of Alaska Credits I would like to give thanks to:
Youtube.com for the video,
Google.com for the picture,
Prezi.com for the prezi and
Enchantedlearning.com for all the information. Enchantedlearning.com was founded by Jeananda Col and Mitchell Spector in 1996.
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