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Corporate Business Lawyer

No description

Waris Purewal

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Corporate Business Lawyer

Highschool Requirements
University Plan
Hours, Location and Lifestyle
Additional Requirements
A corperate business lawyer deals with business transactions and contracts as well as tax law, negotiations, bankruptcy and much more. They usually work with other lawyers from other firms to see if the others are working lawfully. They can act as a business executive for the company that they are representing. There is usually a lot of hard work unlike portrayed on tv where actors just discuss and then go straight to court.
Must have graduated highschool
Must have passed SAT's for Business school
Must have passed LSAT's for Law school
Should attempt to be well rounded
I plan to attend the University of British Columbia which is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. I will do my BBA and eventually my JD there.
Starting Salary: $105,000 Peak Starting Salary: $160,000

Peak Salary: Upward of $1,000,000. There really is no real limit
More things that are required to be a Corporate Business Lawyer are...
Recieving a MBA
Passing the LSAT's
Passing the Bar
*recommended* Working 2 years in a management position before applying for an MBA
Planning 10, Ms. Higgins
Waris Purewal
Corporate Business Lawyer
This graph shows that the number of LSAT's administered over the last 10 years has reached an all time low.
Why This Job Suits Me
I am not required to take any SAT's for UBC as long as I can prove that I have been a full time student in Canada for at least 3 years.
Minimum GPA for UBC is a 2.0
The BBA program takes 4 years and the JD takes 3 years
I will receive a BBA degree and a JD degree
Median salary for the first year
Lawyers, especially business lawyers are notorious for having extremely long hours. Sometimes up to 14 hours a day. To add to that, senior partners may drop files or cases of to associates during the evening and expect to have them back by the next morning completed.
Most of the work is done at the office or occasionally at the court house.
The lifestyle of a Business Lawyer can quite varied depending on your pay. Usually, they live pretty lavishly and have a nice home and car. I'm not expecting more than 3 weeks of vacation a year. I plan to maybe play rec ice or ball hockey once a week. The job fits my expectations.
My Timeline
1. Finish highschool at Southridge (2018)
2. Go to UBC for a 4 BBA (2018-2022)
3. Work for 2 years in a management position
4. Go to McGill for a 2 year MBA (2024-2026)
5. Take LSAT (2026)
6. Go to Law school and get a JD (2026-2029)
7. Take a 6 week Bar test prep course (2029)
8. Take the Bar test (2029)
9. Start Law career (2030-retirement)
Costs Associated with Schooling
BBA at UBC: $7390 X 4 years = $29,563.20
Housing: Mean $5062 X 4 years = $20,248
MBA at McGill: $26,000 X 2 years = $52,000
Housing: Mean $20,000 X 2 years = $40,000
LSAT: $245 (includes LSAC)
JD at UBC: $33,105 X 3 years = $99,315
Housing: Mean $5062 X 3 years = $15,186
Bar Test Prep: $690
Bar Test: $614
Total Cost
I believe this job suits me because I have always wanted to be a lawyer. I think that I have the qualities that fit the description of a lawyer and I think I can execute the position well.
What Different Abbreviations Mean
UBC: University of British Columbia
SAT: Standardized Aptitude Test
LSAT: Law School Admission Test
JD: Juris Doctor
BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration
MBA: Master of Business Administration
GPA: Grade Point Average


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