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The Hot Zone Project Template

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Kelcey Burris

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of The Hot Zone Project Template

Introduction Viral Replication Pandemics The Donor's Dilemma Thematic Analysis "The Hot Zone" <Your Title Here>
<Authors> With your study partner from AP Biology produce the following prezi covering the biology of viruses and pandemics from AP World History. Make sure that your work is original and thorough. This project will be due FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2013 The introduction has four parts: 1) Different Types of Viruses, 2) The Components of a Virus, 3) Compare the structure and function of viruses vs. bacteria (prokaryotes), 4) Open the Virus Prezi...Read, Review, and Take Notes. Types of Viruses Components of Viruses Viruses vs. Bacteria 1. Construct and Explain how viruses replicate. 2. Construct an explanation of how viruses introduce genetic variation into the viral population and a host Lytic and Lysogenic Cycles Choose three of the following viruses. Use graphs, tables, maps and charts to help clarify the impact on populations. Include a discussion on each of the viruses' impact on society. Feel free to include any types of media.

Viruses: Measles, Smallpox, Black Death, Typhus, HIV/AIDS, Cholera, Spanish Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Plague of Justinian Read and complete the set of activities for the case study "The Donor's Dilemma". Include the completed activities in the space provided. Include an assessment on the current concerns of some parents regarding mandatory vaccination. 1. Identify the Theme of Your Choice, 2. Choose a Picture that Exemplifies Your Theme, 3. Quote Exemplifying Theme The Hot Zone Pandemic Similarities Genetic Variation into a Viral Population Genetic Variation into a Host Include the impact of the pandemic on the areas affected. Compare and Contrast on the impact of the pandemics in the Hot Zone and one of the pandemics that you chose above. Vaccination Current parent concerns Virus Prezi Read, Review and Take Notes
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