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RoadWalker, What Is My Life?, and The River Bed

Prezi Performer

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Poetry

By: Lew Sterling Jr.
What Is My Life?
The River Bed
All alone
Just heading home
It's miles away
It's like I was in Rome

Wearing all black
Including my shoes
My head always down
Though I never get the blues
People look at strangely
Won't give a dollar to spare
They never say hi
I don't really care

Hoodie on my head
Hands in my pockets
I just need a one-two
Pair of stone-cold rockets
I do walk these streets
My shadow is my clone
They call me "RoadWalker"
And I do walk alone
My life is like a book
Has a beginning and an end
I feel like I'm on a timeline
Always straight, never mend
My life is like a computer
There's too much data in my head
Tomorrow, I will stay from from school
Won't even get off my bed
My life is like a movie
Drama and action everywhere
Always wearing the hat and tie
I feel like Yogi Bear
My life is like a door
Always standing tall and firm
Always knew how to move
But never knew how to squirm

That was my story
That is my strife
This is the end
And this is my life
This river bed
Is long and wide
This river bed
Goes from side to side

This river bed
Is longer than a bone
This river bed
Is also alone
This river bed
Is calm and steady
This river bed
Is always ready

This river bed
Is know for a bow
This river bed
Is as black as a crow
This river bed
Is also free
This river bed
Is also me
Made By:
Background Music
Too Cool Instrumental Beat
Found on: Youtube
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