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The FAME Machine

Caela Donaldson, Jordy Norris, Catherine Hodgson

Caela Donaldson

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of The FAME Machine

The FAME Machine Theories Reactance Theory & Individual Perception Studies Diffusion Theory The Beatles Elvis Presley Madonna Song Pluggers Their job was to distribute cheaply-produced copies of a new song to live performers across the country. Songplugging, now known as payola, remained a primary music marketing tool up until 2005 involving labels and Radio Stations. PAST PRESENT Conventional Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Talent Shows Raw talent, cannot hide behind an image or money End result is a record deal, conventional Hard work and dedication However you can come onto the show and be whomever you wish, you can create a new persona. Youtube sensation to Ushers prodigy to World Wide phenomenon Bieber was discovered in 2008 by American talent manager Scooter Braun, who came across Bieber's videos on YouTube and later became his manager. Braun arranged for him to meet with entertainer Usher Raymond in Atlanta, Georgia, and Bieber was soon signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG), and then to an Island Records recording contract offered by record executive L.A. Reid. His strawberry milkshakes bring all the girls to the yard Her image is her innocence. The music industry noticed a market for am innocent, young, talented country singer and Taylor Swift was noticed at the perfect time. Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of fourteen to pursue a career in country music. She signed to the independent label, Big Machine Records and became the youngest songwriter ever hired by the Sony/ATV Music publishing house. Money Driven Lana del Rey ARK Music Industry's... ... Rebecca Black "Friday" Music video has 196,999 likes and 810,782 dislikes; demonstrating that fame doesn't always stem from admiration from fans, it can also stem from hateful attention. Her mother paid $4,000 to have the single and an accompanying music video put out as a vanity release through the record label ARK Music Factory. The music video received around 167 million views, causing Black to gain international attention as a "viral star". She has released several singles since “Friday”. Black also appeared in Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" music video in 2011. Born as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant in 1986, Father Robert Grant high profile New York domain investor Began performing in clubs in New York City at age 18 under various names such as Sparkle Rope Jump Queen and Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena Signed her first recording contract when she was 21 years old with 5 Points Records, releasing her first digital album Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant in January 2010. Her father helped with the marketing of the album, which was available for purchase on iTunes for a brief period before being withdrawn. Then signed to Stranger Records to release her debut single "Video Games" in June 2011. A music video created by Del Rey for the song was posted on YouTube in August 2011 and became a viral internet hit. Social Media Discoveries Wiz Khalifa Justin Beiber Industry Confessions Tom McLeod – Started Heavy Syndicate Record Label Failed because he spent his money on better production quality, hoping that fans would notice the better quality. "There’s been a massive collapse, especially in hip hop, where there’s nowhere to perform; because no one really wants to go and hear a non-signed hip hop artist. It’s not even non-signed: a non-hyped “buzzy” hip hop artist. Everyone wants to hear [someone they’ve] heard on the radio, who their friends told them was cool, or who someone else is saying is awesome." Nick Krill – Artist – Spinto Band "The only sure way to convert them into actual fans is through that special interaction that occurs between performer and audience member during a concert." International McLeod mentioned that nowadays many new artists have decided to tour overseas first, building an international presence, and leveraging that popularity to integrate back into the American music market. Opening for Other Bands Can bring exposure, through fans that are interested in a similar musical demographic Bill Order – Joe Sigmund – Agent for Electronic Music Where an artist’s name appears on a flyer determines how fans and future promoters perceive the artist. Similar to product placement, Sigmund contends that placing one artist beneath another signifies that the above artist is more well-known and plays better shows than the artist below. Music Blogs & Social Media “Stratify how good of fans they are” based on their knowledge about an artists. Timely: People have lots going on, so you have to send constant reminders of when a show is coming up/album is being released Does an Artist need a Label? 1. Recording and producing music is accessible to all musicians at home at a relatively affordable cost. 2. The Internet and MP3 compression has enabled any musician to supply their music at virtually no cost to any number of people throughout the world. 3. There is still a strong market for music,especially through the sale of digital files. FUTURE Tupac's Hologram Hatsune Miku Discussion Questions Miku is a singing, digital avatar created by Crypton Future Media that customers can purchase and then program to perform any song on a computer The initial sales of Hatsune Miku were so high that Crypton could not keep up with the demand. In the first 12 days of sales, nearly 3,000 sales reservations were made Hatsune Miku was at the top of an online poll of, "Singers you'd like to perform at the London 2012 Olympics" Google chose Miku for their Google Chrome advertising campaign. What are the Benefits of Electronically Creating Stars? 1. No Artists & Repertoire Fees 2. No Royalties 3. No Travel Fees 4. No Food Expenses 5. No Wardrobe Expenses NO YES 1. Provide the necessary initial capital 2. Marketing know-how to create, market, and distribute music on a large scale. 3. They have the expertise in creating superior sound quality and packaging 4. Key relationships with press, radio stations and music TV channels as well as with retail stores. 5. The status of being signed to a record company is in itself a signal of quality to the consumer about the musician’s product. 10,000 Hour Theory New market logic World Record Sales: 1955: $277 million, 1967: 1 billion Dependence on the star system (ie - David Bowie, Iggy Pop) Right place at the right time? What we now know as... the Top 40 Format! Advent of the Teenager
New, distinct culture
Record Sales increase 30% post-war
Elvis Presley
Short shelf life First time deceased performer
“Remarkably lifelike”
Good ole days?
An illusion
Tour? Uses Marijuna and Youtube together to hone in on teenagers and young adults.
Khalifa widens his audience, rock-n-roll style, by creating odes to rebellious behavior.
Heavily active on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, where he posts day-to-day updates, and ‘smokes with his fans’. This is what created his ultimate fame.
Touring strategy in 2010 was to perform at a large number of small-capacity venues (400-1,000 seats) that he could easily sell out. His agent then used his ability to sell out venues as a bargaining chip to book more shows. How can YouTube Boost your Career? Video views: Make $2.5 to $5 per 1000 video views The most popular stars will earn $5 per 1000 views.
Varies based on number advertisement clicks.
Channel views: A Youtube partner will make $.01 per channel view. If a channel has 1,000,000 channel views, the person will make $10,000.
In order to become a Youtube partner, you must have at least 2000 subscribers, 50,000 channel views, and 1000 views per video Rebelling against the dominant gender, sexual, and fashion codes, she encouraged experimentation, change, and production of one’s individual identity.
By encouraging a new rebellious attitude in style and fashion, she reignites a passion for consumerism with the commodity of one’s “self” through consumption and the products of the fashion industry.
Millions of girls begin buying risqué clothing to rebel against authority
Maintained her success by changing constantly in order to hold her image and promote the coincidental consumerism. 1) Do you predict that celebrity holograms are a fad or a foresight to the future of the music industry? 2) Do you think it is easier to get famous now with the advances in modern technology or do you think it was easier back in the day with a smaller talent pool?
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