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Change Controls and the IT Toolkit

This self-paced tutorial will provide an overview of the IT Toolkit and change control template

Robin Quinn

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Change Controls and the IT Toolkit

Starting a Change Control Request:
Admin & Maintenance changes,
A systematic approach to managing all changes made to a system.
What is a change control
Status change email - Sent after clicking Submit and any time the change is updated
Requesting Team

Approval request email

Status change email
List of approved change requests
Workflow Emails
Categories and Approvers
Requesting and Implementing Teams
Whole Foods Market
The IT Toolkit & Change Controls
Manage the deployment process for applications within SOX scope and for applications with fully documented processes/procedures

Change Control Review Meeting

Change Control Review Meeting Action Items and notes
Change Control tickets not approved by 4pm
Preview of change controls
Systems Management (SYMG)

Submit CC
Save Draft
Cancel Request
Saving your work
Team Name
Change Status
Duration of Change/Testing (Minutes)
Close the Request (Requestor or Requesting Team Leader Only)
Implementation Details
Change Status
Verbal Approval
No Backout needed (Sr. Coordinator ONLY)
Approval Routing
Description of Change
Can be completed at any time
Not dependent upon the 10 day window for Scheduled Maintenance changes
The only change category not discussed during the Change Control Meeting

Change performed immediately and requires a Production Incident Report (PIR)
Requires approval through Senior Coordinator/Executive Coordinator

Non-Scheduled Maintenance
Proactive production change that is feature or function centric
72-hour lead time for implementation

Scheduled Maintenance
Production Change with required 10-day lead time and an application-specific downtime/maintenance window
Feature, function centric or enhancement
Change Control Categories
Custom application designed by Whole Foods for Change Management
User Name and Password same as Network User ID and password
How is a Change Control Request made?
Server Information
All documentation is stored in the Impl Docs Location site
SOX applications must provide testing documentation
Whatever is written down will be followed!
Change Steps, Testing and Backout
Who is involved in the Change Control process?
Migration Path
When can the work be performed? *
Change Control Process
Wednesday evenings between 4pm and 6pm

Sunday mornings between 2am - 7am

Tuesday evenings between 10pm and 2am
* Times listed are Central Standard Time (CST)
Deadline: Friday at 4pm CST

Change Control Review Meeting: Monday at 11am CST
Toolkit Questions: CE CEN Toolkit Support
Change Management Questions: SYMG
For Questions and Support
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