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The 3 Little Pigs and 4P's

This is the real story of the three little pigs...

Yolanda Olive

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of The 3 Little Pigs and 4P's

The REAL Story
of the
Three Little Pigs Overcrowding Their neighbors needed to improve

Forced the three little pigs to move! In search for a real estate agent... The First Little Piggy's House House made of straw...
Didnt' have a big draw
The high price made many drop their jaws Second Little Piggy's House A house made of sticks
Wasn't the top of many picks
It happened to be in a bad place
with lots of hicks
They needed an agent who knew how to promote
luckily the Wolf had just gotten over a sore throat Third Little Piggy's House This little piggy was not a dick
He didn't build his house quick,
Instead he made it brick by brick
This little piggy believed in hard work
Because of that he walked to the bank with fat cash and a smirk Sooo... Make sure your product doesn't suck
Your price makes them think twice
The place should be somewhere your mother doesn't think is a disgrace
and finally when you promote, make sure your wearing your best sports coat
*Also a Guide to Learn How NOT be a Piece of Bacon
and Sell What Your Shakin...
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