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Tools for Learning

No description

Coyla Grumm

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Tools for Learning

Tools for Learning
Tools for Learning
These kids spend more time on the web than with books; it is essential we teach them the tools to manage their learning.
Search Tools
" "
around phrase to find exact wording
"American History Project"
define learning
How would you find information on the
Iranian hostage crisis
from multiple perspectives?
The burning question: What's the difference between being taught and learning how to learn?
Who owns the learning?
Traditionally it is owned by the teacher.
The process is shifting so a percentage of the learning is the responsibility of the student.
Who's working harder in the classroom?
Kids want a global voice.
to omit
jaguar speed -car
Dodgers OR Pirates OR Cardinals
camera $50..$100
wild card
Remember the *
weather Arcadia Ca or weather 91007
subject democracy
Not Advanced Operators
no :
author "Alan November"
filetype:ppt "Romeo and Juliet
site:IR American Hostage Crisis Carter
.org organization
.com company
.net network
.sch school (non-US)
.k12 most US schools
.edu higher ed in US
.ac higher ed outside US
.gov US government
.mil military

Domain Names
filetype:ppt site:uk ac "Romeo and Juliet'
filetype:ppt site:edu "Romeo and Juliet"
Who controls the information you view?

Let's think about
primary sources,
multiple perspectives,
how to use Google well,
what tools we have to validate if something
is true or false,
how we (our students) can tear apart the
Internet so we don't accept everything we read.
Take one step.
Based on Alan November's talk in Arcadia September 17, 2013
http://archive.org/web/web.php (Way Back Machine)
site:uk sch "American Revolution"
How would you find a school in England that is studying the
American Revolution
that you could contact and share views?
How would your students find 5 power points from British schools and 5 from American schools that they could evaluate on a topic like "shows tension" and create an 11th ppt using slides from the 10 (with credits).

a limiter

Teach students to
evaluate Sites.

Save the tree octopus
site:edu turtle
limits to higher education sites
limits to academic institutions in So. Africa
site:ac.za "lightning research"
Google Alan November
evaluate websites

Google: Google Advanced Search
shows correct Google search
see related (linked) websites
Personal Sites

Does it have
tilde ~
percent sign %
"user" after domain name
Google Advanced Search Operators
Internet Country Codes

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