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Exercise for specific groups

P2) Describe four different benefits of exercise to each of three different specific groups. M2) Explain four different benefits of exercise to each of three different specific groups

daniel leach

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Exercise for specific groups

Motivation levels increase Exercise for Specific Groups Senior Citizens There are many different benefits of exercise for senior citizens. Here i am going to talk about the four most imporant benefits The increase of flexability When people start to get older, there body developes and becomes stronger. But depending on how fit you are as a person will determain when you start to get less flexible and fitness levels decrease. By maintaining an active lifestyle it can help to increase the flexability of your muscles in the body. Staying Social active can help increase movtivations levels on participation. This is not only a good way on staying healthy and fit, but to also socialise with others participating making it a more enjoyable experience Participating in physical activity can reduce stress levels. It is a healthy way of making you feel better, stress free and also fitter. You can let out all of your stress during physical exercise even if that would be in a gym, or outside on a playing field. Increase Of Communication Skills An increase of communication skills and levels can benefit senior citizens in many ways. A few of which would be, confidence levels, new ways of communicating with people and how to communicate to certain people. This will benefit them by having a better understanding on how to communicate with people, and to boost there confidence with interacting with others. This can lead to making new friends and enjoying yourself even more whilst participating in activity. Children and young people
Improve of mental, physical and social well being Here i am going to talk about the benefits of exercise for young children. I have chosen the top four benefits INFORMATION Increase in communication skills The increase of communication skills will enable young children to interact with people their own age or older, giving them a better understand and making friends. Whilst interactive with others during physical activity they will also benefit in learning new skills winthin their sport or activity they have choose to complete. Increase cardiovascular The increase of cardiovascular for young children will ensure they keep their body fit. They wil be able to enjoy and participate for a longer period of time interacting with people and enjoying themselves for longer in further activities. Reduces the chance of injury The last thing a young participant would want is to develop an injury by not exercising enough. Particpating in physical activity will help to reduce the chances of injury to the muscles by strengthing them due to activity. Regular activity is required to keep the body in a good shape. Learning disabilities It isn't easy for disabled people to find the confidence to participate ni physical activity, but there are plenty of benefits if they was to do so. Increase blood flow to the working muscles Disabled people will have a certain amount of difficaulty participating in physical activity. But by participating it will help to increaes they blood flow around the body allowing the body to function effectively. Some people with leg disabilties will find it hard to pump the blood around the lower parts of their body. Most of the bloody will be pumped around the working muscles, enhacning their performance further. Decrease stress levels Participating in exercise reduces stress levels. Participating in physical activity is a form of stress relief as well as keeping your body fit and healthy. You can working out all that stress by working out. Disabled people will have more stress as they might feel unconfortable with their disability and stress could be building up inside them. Once people start to get involved with physical activity, their confidence levels increase. They will start to feel more comfortable with talk to new people, and socialising with others who may or many not have a disability. This will also help to make the experience more enjoyable. Meet new people Meeting new people will create a socialable environment. Meeting new people can lead to making new friends, boosting up your active life. You can interactive during physical activity and enjoy yourself with the company of others their to support you Decrease of stress Meet New People
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