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the new tattoo subculture

No description

Kevin Nguyen

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of the new tattoo subculture

self identity as a tattoo-y
Tattoos symbolizes one's individualism.

Some choose symbols for personal distinctions, whereas others choose symbols for integration purposes (Social Identity). But both cases are an expression of one's identity.

Meaning of their tattoos
Some claimed of them claimed every tattoo they have has meaning.

One individual called his tattoos "his personal scrapbook" Each and every tattoo reminds him of a person place or time in his life.

Others have tattoos like butterflies for every family member that has passed. Or a cat for a long history for living and loving cats.

Two friends got the same tattoo, not caring about the design, just wanting to represent their friendship
Th tattoo subculture is no different in that the tattoo as a cultural object attacks people who want to express differences as well as integration.

Tattoo was a common bond among people regardless of social class or background.

Tattoo was a form of distinction, separating them from the rest of society , or the non-tattooed.
Self Identity
Within the article, it shows that the subculture of tattoo gives identity to both the tattoo artist and the tattoo-y
the new tattoo subculture
Anne M. Velliquette & Jeff B. Murray
Self Identity as a tattooist
► Tattooist view themselves as artist
▼ Tattooist refer to the skin as canvas for ink

▼ During encounters, tattooist often try to convince their clients that tattoo is an art form.

▼ Within the article, a tattooist discussed how bored they get with a customer-requested designed that do not allow them to use their creative, artistic talent.
Why do this, when you can have this.
Tattooists try legitimizing their profession. They don't want to be viewed as some shop that you enter to get poked with a needle a couple times.
-They emphasize that what they're doing is "art"

-Constantly reinforce the use of a new clean needle.
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