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Guidance Lesson on Cliques

This is a 7th grade guidance lesson on cliques and fostering tolerance among students. ASCA National Standard(s): (Personal/Social) Standard A: Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect se

Terri Welborn

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Guidance Lesson on Cliques

CLIQUES What words or phrases come to mind when you hear the word CLIQUE? A clique is a small, closely knit group of people who share
things in common. Cliques aren't all bad,
teenagers are social beings,
they need a peer group that they can feel comfortable with. The problem is when cliques become cliquey..... This is when clique members start to: 1. Leave everyone out 2. Act like they are better than everyone else, including you. This is bad....it leads to exclusion and intolerance. Some things that identify a cliquey clique: They always travel in a pack... I mean group 1. They have rules, sometimes unspoken,
but rules just the same. Cliques have leaders, the leaders make the rules. Cliques have a dress code. Cliques exist because everyone wants to have friends and feel like they belong. Sometimes people do strange things to fit in. They even do things that are against what they really believe in. Sometimes people even act like something they are not, better known as phonies and fakes :( PHONIES:
Pretend to be something they are not
Have an image to uphold
Only care about impressing others
Need Lots of approval
Yuck The Key is to be YOURSELF and to be a REAL FRIEND! To be yourself, you have to know yourself and ultimately like yourself. If you like yourself you will be more confident. Confident people are SECURE in who they are and don't worry about "fitting in" they don't "box" themselves in. Real friends like you for who you are and they truly care about YOU :) One thing about cliques is that sometimes they expect you to CONFORM. Sometimes in middle school it seems like being POPULAR is what it is all about. In the end being popular really doesn't matter, it's fine if you are and fine if your not. What really matters is: That you are always yourself. !That you learn to LIKE WHO YOU ARE! That you always treat others with KINDNESS and COMPASSION. Try looking outside your box.....DARE to be different! Ned's Declassified Popularity http://movies.netflix.com/WiPlayer?movieid=70136696&USERID=1494885973&SESSIONID=id_1494885974&SITEID=&KID=k262993&TACID=&mqso=81000255&CREATIVE=n
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