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Roanoke Colony

History Elective Assignment 4.

Chapman Cheung

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Roanoke Colony

Roanoke Colony What is the Roanoke Colony? The Roanoke Colony Mystery In 1588, Queen Elizabeth I allowed Sir Walter Raleigh to colonize America. They colonized America cause of the huge amount of land. The 1588 Roanoke Colony Disappearance Roanoke Colony was a famous mystery in America. The Roanoke Colony settled on a piece of land in America. This land now is known as Virginia. This is a drawn map of Roanoke. You can see the village established by the colony This is another drawn picture of Roanoke Colony. This is a picture of the colony and how it looked. When John White came back, it was a ghost town, one of the clues that the Roanoke Colony left behind was a word carved on a tree 'Croatoan'. John White returned to England to return with more supplies. Popular Theories to what happened to the Roanoke Colony Theory 1 The Colonists moved to Chesapeake Bay due to the Native Americans attacking them. The build rafts and boats using the materials which built their houses. Theory 2 The Colonists could of lived with the Natives. As the Colonists carved the word 'Croatoan', there is a island called 'Croatoan', which is inhabited by Natives. Theory 3 The Natives killed the Colonists. The Natives were capable of killing them and hiding their bodies. They killed the Colonists as a warning not to come to America.
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