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A speaking activity, "Survival" for secondary school ESL learners

Soona Kim

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Survival

Where are we?! HOMEWORK Write a half-page journal about: Resilient
skills!!! STEP 1 V K C : Resilient Skills and 1~2 reasons
(why and how) STEP 2 V K C : Vote out one member each round. STEP 3 K V C : Repeat step 1 & 2.
NEW risilient skills each round! STEP 4 K V K : Those voted out decide who
should be the FINAL SURVIVOR! Until the rescue boat arrives... TYPE A: If you were already voted off...
- The last day of your life
- Any wishes or regrets TYPE B: If you are a survivor...
- Why you haven't been voted off yet
- What skills you should learn for next week C V Instruction References Image 1:

Image 2: http://www.randallknives.com/catalog.php?action=viewcategory&catalogcategories_id=4

Image 3:

Image 4:

Image 5:

Image 6:

Image 7:

Image 8:
http://www.formspring.me/r/do-you-keep-a journal/363459362653488481/top Image 2 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 3 C Given a problem/context , 2min / round 30s to think 2m per round ROUND 1
: Going to a new school
in which everybody
could not speak

How are you going
to adapt? ROUND 2
: Imagine there are no grocery stores any more. What are you going to do to eat? 30s to think 2m per round ROUND 3
: Imagine there is no electricity any more. How would you communicate with people? (*No cellphones or internet access) 30s to think 2m per round ROUND 5
: Your tribe members are doubtful that they will be able to survive any longer on the island. What would you do or say to encourage optimism (positive thinking) for the group? 30s to think 2m per round ROUND 4
: Imagine someone close to you becomes aggressive and hostile (verbally or emotionally offensive). How would you deal with it? 30s to think 2m per round 30s to think
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