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Gladis Martinez

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Math Instinct By: Gladis Martinez Abstract mathematics: what we learn in school

natural mathematics: what happens in nature. Abstrat mathematics is symbolic and rule based.

To do abstract mathematics you have to learn how to follow the rules. Repetition is needed. Nature also makes use of mathematics to provide certain animals with skin patterns that help ensure survival in a hostile world, and has equipped many creatures with capacities that enable them to find their way from place to place and catch their prey. What do you think of the term Mathematics? How do we do abstract Mathematics How to improve your math skills There are two parts to math Abstract mathematics The first step is to be aware that mathematical activity is a natural thing that occurs all the time in nature. Knowing this should help over some the fear that the subject so often evokes. Core 001 The first thing that comes to mind
is that thing we start learning in Kindergarten. The second step is to approach abstract math as merely a formalized version of your innate mathematical abilities--that is, as formalized common sense

In mathematics as in most other things in life, your approach can make all the difference in how well you do. The third step is to recognize why the school methods were developed, what are their advantages, and what it is about them that makes them hard to learn.

Knowing why something is done a certain way generally helps us to handle it. The fourth step requires some preparation. In order for the general arithmetical (and other mathematical) procedures of abstract math can be universally applicable, which is their greatest strength, they have to be stripped of all context and taught in an abstract manner. Mathematics in nature The end
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