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The War of 1812 with Britain

A new way to see the War of 1812 come to life. By James Yoon and Margaret Parker

James Yoon

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of The War of 1812 with Britain

The War of 1812 By: Margaret Teragram and James Semaj Background Information
Fought from June of 1812 to Spring of 1815
Fought between United States and Great Britain
Fought over Canadian border, Gulf of Mexico, and the sea The war confirmed American independence! The war took place in many parts of the U.S. Treaty of 1818
Treaty made between the United States and the United Kingdom
Resolved standing boundary issues
Allowed joint settlement and occupation of the Oregon County Effects Treaty of Ghent
Ended the fighting between Britian and the U.S.
Signed in Ghent, Belgium, on December 24, 1814
Ratified by the United States Senate on February 17, 1815
The treaty meant that thousands of people died for nothing since the U.S. didn't achieve any of its goals/aims
Battle of New Orleans
January 8, 1815
Final major battle
The only real significant battle that was fought after the Treaty of Ghent had been signed
General Andrew Jackson led he United States to victory Background Information Cont.
Americans had always been irritated and tortured by the British even after the Revolutionary War
Britain backed the Indians and refused to sign any commerial agreements
All peaceful efforts tried by the U.S. ended in failure
James Madison signed a declaration of war on June 18, 1812 General Andrew Jackson Disputes between Great Britain and the United States At the end of the war, Britain had gained control of some American territory while America did not gain control of any new territory. Winner of the war? The winner of the war is debatable. However, United States got Britain off their borders. Causes The central dispute was the impressment of American soldiers by British soldiers. When France declared war on Britain, the United States decided to remain neutral and traded with both countries which caused tension. The things Britain did to America such as staying on the Canadian border America's desire for expanision As shown on the map, most of the fighting took place in the Great Lakes area and Canadian border. An example was the major battle in Lake Erie. Battle of Lake Erie
September 18, 1813
One of the largest and most successful battles of the War of 1812
In addition, it was very important because it opened a path into Canada
British was totally defeated and Lake Erie became American territory
Led by Commander Oliver Hazard Perry
This new path led by this victory resulted in the Battle of Thames Commander Oliver Hazard Perry Battle of Thames
October 5, 1813
Was the battle following the Battle of Lake Erie
This was important because it was America's first successful attempt in invading Canada
Tecumseh, the head Indian chief, was killed along with many British and Indian troops
A complete victory for America
Led by General William Henry
This complete victory led to yet another victory in New Orleans General William Henry FUN FACTS!!! Did you know that the national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, was written by Francis Scott Key as he watched the bombardment of Fort McHenry in the Battle of Baltimore? The lyrics, "As the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air," describe what he was watching as he was being held prisoner on a British ship. America would have no national anthem if the Battle of Baltimore had not happened. Did you know that Dolly Madison, the wife of President James Madison, saved the original paintings of George
Washington from the White House before the British invaded
and burned down Washington D.C.? Without her heroic actions,
we would not have any of the famous George Washington paintings
today to view and admire today. Did you know the White House was originally yellow and not white?
It was painted yellow up until James Madison's term during the War of 1812
when the British came and burned down Washington D.C. The White House was also
burned down and when it was to be rebuilt, they decided to make it white to match its name. Now, guess what time it is!!! It's time for... How did the War of 1812 change America's course of history? A positive relationship between Britain and the United States was formed. Countries still get along to this day! Permanent borders were created. Treaty of 1818 and Treaty of Ghent THE END First off, it made America fully independent and made other nations realize that they could not take over American soil. The War of 1812 was the last war for independence. All wars that followed already had America established as a powerful, independent nation. Secondly, because Britain did not win the War of 1812, America stayed out of British control forever. If we had lost, then we'd be under British control to this day. Would you want to be a British citizen? Works Consulted Works Consulted Cont. http://www.warof1812.ca/battles.htm
http://www.essortment.com/all/warof_rmfy.htm Thirdly, if the United States had lost
the war, the sequence of history would
have been drastically altered. For example, Abraham
Lincoln might have never been elected
president and he would have never have led
the United States through the Civil War or
ended slavery. Lastly, if the War of 1812 had been won by the British, we would not be giving you this presentation right now. Mr. Harriman's "Honors U.S. American History 213" class would not exist because there would be no "United States of America." Losing Mr. Harriman's class? That shows just how important the War of 1812 was and how much it impacts history. http://www.gatewayno.com/history/war1812.html
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