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Copy of LCVP OGX Application

GPOA, Structure and Plans

sakti vel

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of LCVP OGX Application

The “TAKPE” attitude
Unclear cooperation with Comm
Not meeting the target number of EPs
Having just one booth for recruitments OGX STRUCTURE MY AIESEC EXPERIENCE GENERAL PLAN OF ACTION Strategic Goal:

For students of UTP, with focus on Perak, to experience the best internship abroad through AIESEC Exchange Joined AIESEC in MY Freshman Year
An OGX Member ever since STOP! Dividing task among members through proper allocation
Monitoring the members
Boosting promotions by cooperating with Comm
Having a realistic vision for OGX
retaining EP's who go for an exchange ( ASSETS !! )
Having an open window for recruitments
boosting promotions .go all the way !! (PASSION!)
MMK ! -showmanship attracts people
making an effort to go to the people instead of just waiting for the people to come to us
everyone must know what is OGX START! Promoting exchange inside and outside of UTP
Attracting potential EPs through the help of everyone
Making partnerships with other LC ,Generating income through exchange
CONTINUE! TACTICAL GOALS: 1. Member Empowerment Empower the members of OGX through trainings, member check-ups (in cooperation with TM department), and assignments. Allocate tasks to members according to their capabilities and academic status knowledgeable members about OGX and AIESEC, visible members, quality members, and succesful mock interviews 2. Departmental Synergy Cooperate with the other departments (e.g Promotions-Comm, Member empowerment-TM, Projects-summits)
Incorporate their members and leaders to OGX trainings so that incase of emergencies when no one from the OGX department is available, there are people to back it up. MOS: knowledgeable AIESECers about OGX, booming promotions, good Projects for OGX, empowered members. 3. Boost Promotions about AIESEC and Exchange Spread the word of AIESEC and its program through exchanges by promotions inside the campus, through tarps, fliers, posters, facebook, and orientation programs
MEASURE OF SUCCESS: 3 or 4 posters spread around the campus, 50 fliers, 2 or more tarps, updated FB posts and pictures, and 20-50 attendees of the orientation seminars 4. University Expansion Tap potential Universities and schools outside UTP Spread the word of AIESEC outside UTPby introducing exchange to other schools and Universities. MOS: recognition of AIESEC by other uni's , 10-30 sign ups in all schools, atleast 8 matched and realized 5. Generate Quality EPs Analyze the Supply and Demand System in AIESEC and the trends in Exchange Get potential and quality EPs from the large pool of market, inside and outside UTP. Give trainings on the basics of exchanging for them to be prepared through workshops. Always have followups to keep them engaged at all times . MOS: 20 Quality and skilled EPs, matched and realized, good feedback from the receiving LCs, and partnership with these LCs P.N.P Director Responsible for promotions and publications department of aiesec ogx. Essentially the 'brainstorming crew' has to come up with
engaging ideas to spread the views of exchange works hand-in-hand with COMM. Could integrate comm. members into the team with double j.d. This person will be at the center of the synergy movement Promotional materials, join in Job Hunts, Connections GCDP In-Campus Director Ensure a smooth flow through the transition from recruitment all the way to realising the EP's. Campaigns, promotional materials, coordination with different divisions and/or clubs GCDP University Expansion Director Responsible for recruiting potential EPs outside UTP.
Be able to get quality GCDP EPs from other universities Be able to get quality GCDP EPs from other universities Campaigns, promotional materials, coordination with persons-in-charge of different schools Members Assist the directors in looking for potential Eps and promoting exchange Responsible for handling all operations for its designated TNs Responsible for monitoring the EPs while on the internship THANK YOU! =) QUARTER 1 strengths

the only LC in these parts of Perak
We are from a recognised university
we have International students who are wiling to go the extra mile weakness threats OPPORTUNITIES swot analysis Members not visible
Lack of OGX knowledge
Target number EP unmatch
No proper promotion
only VP is working
Not so succesful synergy Low dedicated members
Competition with other organizations ,(GLOBAL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM)
TAKPE LAH attitude of both OGX team and EP
More promotions in other universities ,(sunway college)
MC visits
become partners with official student body partneror management (src,mpp)
internal drive!!!! members from aiesec themselves
Lecture bashing Planning and execution of synergy through phases (stick all the way to the end )
commitment through manpower
clear objectives
- Lecture bashing
- Every aiesecer must be able to to spread the word on exchange
- Every aiesecer must take the initiative to take the extra step to realise an exchange Responsible for recruiting potential EPs insid eUTP and overlooking the process of these people.
Responsible for the retainments of post-exchange members p.n.p
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