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Star wars

No description

Ashleigh Trumble

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Star wars

Star Wars
William Shakespeare's
By: Ian Doescher
Honor and the achievement of liberty takes precedence over human life.
It's used through responsibility, the choice to take lives and against all odds and facing the possibility of death.
Luke: "So while I cannot wish of them to live, I can my life commit unto their peace. Thus shall I undertake to do them proud and take whate'er adventure comes my way! Tis now my burden, so I'll wear it well, and to the great rebellion give my life. A Jedi shall I be, in all things brave-and thus shall they be honor'd in their grave."
Choice to take lives
Obi-wan [aside:] "I have no wish or purpose here to fight, yet have these drunkards left me little choice. But there is yet a lesson to be learn'd: This Obi-wan, though old, hath still the gift."
Against all odds and facing the possibility of death
Luke [aside:] " We have our numbers, yet our souls have names. For I am Luke Skywalker, here beside my friends, good Biggs and Wedge Antilles, too- no war shall render us unto mere threes and twos and fives. We ride, for ride we must- and here we ride in Ben's most worthy name, true, here we ride in Leia's noble name, Aye here we ride in Alderaan's slain name- O here we ride for all the names which have, throughout our lives, been written on our hearts. Our debt to them is past all numbering."
In Act II Luke's Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen died while the storm troopers were searching for the droids that they had. Luke took responsibility for his Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen's life so therefore wanted to make them proud.
Luke felt guilty due to his aunt and uncle's death and he would try to honor them by taking whatever adventure came his way. This took precedence over what ever else was going on in his life. He forgot all about wanting to go to the academy because all he wanted to do was try and honor them.
-Page .65
In Act lII Luke and Obi-wan were on the desert planet Tatooine, in search for a pilot to transport them to Alderaan. They enter The Cantina and one of the beings strikes Luke, Obi-wan draws his light saber. Obi-wan was not looking to fight, he just wanted to show the beings that he was not too old and would not let them mess around with him or anyone he was with.
-Page 151
With the permission of George Lucas (the creator of the movie Star Wars), Ian Doescher put together a five act play that was published in 2013. He put it together by utilizing old English and Shakespearean stanza's.
In this play there are many prominent themes. The most important ones were honor and the achievement of liberty.
-Page 65
Although Obi-wan had no reason to fight he still wanted to show the beings what he could do.This took precedence over the lives of the beings. Obi-wan did not care if they were to live, or to die, he only wanted Luke and his freedom and the ability to show them that he was not to be messed around with, even if he was old.
In Act V Luke gets reunited with his good friends Biggs and Wedge Antilles right before the The Death Star battle starts to play out. As the Death Star approaches and will be in range in less then fifteen minutes, Luke realizes against all the odds and the possibility of facing death, that he has to fight for liberty.
The main themes in this Star Wars play by Ian Doescher are honor and achievement of liberty. These are shown through responsibility, the choice to take lives and against all the odds and the possibility of facing death. Therefore Ian Doescher's play of Star Wars shows that the human life is not valued and the achievement of liberty and honor are more precedent.
Luke felt that even though the odds were not in this favor and he could face the possibility of death he still had to fight. He wanted to honor his good friends Biggs and Wedge, his new friend Leia, his planet Alderaan and everyone else who had touched the hearts of the people he cared for. He would honor them by fighting for their liberty. Fighting for everyone's liberty took precedence over Luke's own life and that was not something he was afraid to do. He wanted that more then anything, nothing else mattered.
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