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Ronald McDonald House

No description

Lauren Hudson

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Ronald McDonald House

What to Give:
The House that LOVE Built, The House that WE Support
Calls for Kids: Andie Cate Story
Donate and Do Good
Helping the House
Kitchen size trash bags
Pop Tarts
Breakfast Bars
Individual Bags of Chips
Individual Wrapped Snacks
Bags of Sugar
Microwavable Meals
Toys for 2 year olds
Gift cards for gas and food
Games and Activities for teens
New G and PG movies
Ping Pong paddles and Ping Pong balls
Since our doors opened in 1991, we have served 13,960 families from all 95 counties in Tennessee, 66 counties in Kentucky, 41 other states and 14 foreign countries. In 2015, we served 608 families in our House with an average length of stay of 18 nights and a daily waiting list of 10 families. We request a $15 per night donation from families to stay with us, but more than 93% of families cannot afford to pay and we have never turned a family away because of their inability to pay.
Families are Stronger when they are Together
Ronald McDonald House
Having family close helps a sick child heal faster and cope better. While we cannot make medicine taste better or take away painful treatments, we can help lessen the burden.
What You are Giving Matters
September 27-October 6
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