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Copy of Business Process and Outsourcing

ICA 2 Presentation

Chris Moore

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Business Process and Outsourcing

Revenue Streams
Contractor Management
Managing payments for PAYG contractors in Candle, Clarius & external clients

Salary sacrificing, Novated Lease & LAFHA

Access to our Ignite's partnership network
Business Process Outsourcing
BPO is the contracting out of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business function or process to a 3rd party supplier.
BPO market to grow at an annual rate of 7.3% reaching $9.87 billion by 2015.

44% of Australian businesses currently outsource at least 1 function - growth to 55% in the next 24 months.
Access to greater expertise
Access to better technology
Reduced operating costs
Improved service delivery
Industry Growth
Leaner, healthier P&L's
Better allocation of resources
Better utilisation of IP
Business growth
Payroll Outsourcing
$431 million
7.4% annual growth
Ignite's Point of Difference
Superior Systems
"Ignite offers flexible, tailored software that is customised to the specific needs of each and every client."
Superior Service
"Ignite has a passion for relationship driven business viewing payroll management as a people orientated function."
July 13
Dec 13
Human Resources
Strategic consulting
Induction and orientation programs
Performance planning and reviews
Downsizing and outplacement services
Staff climate surveys
Talent management programs
Succession management systems
Strategic consulting
Communication skills
Finance for non-financial managers
Negotiation skills
Influencing skills
Presentation skills
Strategic consulting
OH&S policies and procedures
Induction programs
OH&S forms and incident documentation
Site risk assessment templates and documentation
OH&S training
Employer branding
Marketing campaigns
Planning marketing activities
Designing micro-sites
July 14
Dec 14
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