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Psychology AS memory lesson 6

Factors effecting EWT

Amanda Lane

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Psychology AS memory lesson 6

Memory in everyday life

Eyewitness Testimony
4 pics, 1 word
Back to the clam scam!
Anxiety experienced during stage 1 aquisition (encoding) can undermine the accuracy of EWT.
What real life crime situations can cause the highest and lowest levels of anxiety?
Loftus (1979) tested the role of anxiety and EWT
Read the outline of the study conducted by Loftus (1979) and answer the questions of the board
Outline and evaluate Loftus' study on the role of anxiety in eyewitness testimony (8 marks)
Timed exam answer
We all have knowledge about situations that have been built up through past experience.....
We create memories relating to expectations of situations. Eg: Zebra crossing, car will stop, cross the road safely.
So everytime we stop at a zebra crossing we access our 'Zebra crossing' schema - memories about expectations derived from past experiences.
Cohen (1993) suggests that there are 5 ways in which schemas may affect memory recall:
We ignore aspects of a situation that do not fit with an activated schema,
We store the gist of a situation rather than an entire account
We can use schemas to make educated assumptions
We distort memories to fit in with expectations.
We use schemas to fill in missing information about situations if we cannot remember
Evaluation of schema theory
Not everyone has schema that relates to every senario
Some schemas only work in the context in which they were stored.
Where do schemas come from?
Methods of testing witnesses
The way in which witnesses are questioned may provide them with retrieval cues to access memories more accurately. However if they are pressured to give an answer, tesimonies may be less accurate.
A VEGETABLE can be a useful INSTRUMENT for a COLLEGE student. A carrot can be used as a NAIL for your FENCE or BASIN, but a MERCHANT of the QUEEN would SCALE that fence and feed the carrot to the GOAT.

Lesson Objective:
To understand other factors that affects the reliability of EWT.
Can you remember the words from the silly statement?
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