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Aubree Gail

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of archetypes

by: Aubree Malone Archetypes explained through Supernatural :) HEROS Anit-hero and Unwilling hero Sam and Dean Winchester are both Anti heroes and Unwilling heroes. Sam and Dean are both hero but they hurt a lot of people trying to be heroes. They will do what they have to, to get the job done and they don't REALLY care who gets hurt in the process. But they are also unwilling heroes because many times they try to quit and not do the job that they were forced into by their father. Willing Hero Castiel the angel of the gang is the willing hero of this story. He is saving people left and right, at first it was for his father, God, but then he found his "nitch" and he finally was able to realize that the people of earth need him and so do the angles since their so called father God has disappeared. The Earth Mother The earth mother is another angel, Ana. She cares for everyone even of they do not care for her like some of the fallen angels in this story. Ana is especially attached to Dean. She is worried for Sam and his affiliation with Ruby. Temptress Ruby is a Demon. She is also sort of a mentor to Sam but she leads him in the wrong direction with using his "demon powers" (long story). She leads him in the wrong direction and even makes him abandon his own brother for months. She claims to be "training" him to kill Lilith (another demon ~more powerful) but she is actually planning on using Sam to break the last seal which starts the apocalypse. Wise Old Man After Sam and Dean's Father dies after saving Sam, Bobby is the one they always go to for information on any monster or any event that occurs out of the ordinary. He seems to have all the information and helps Sam and Dean tremendously on a daily basis. The Shadow Lilith, a very powerful demon, she always is hiding behind a beautiful woman or a small child. This disguise is set to insure her safety. No supernatural being would ever suspect that a small child was a very powerful demon. It also protects her safety in the aspect that Sam and Dean have a very hard tim trying to hurt/kill a child, they have to constantly think that she is a demon and demons must be killed, not that she actually is a small child. The trickster So in Supernatural there is this character named the trickster, weeellllll i think it's obvious that he is the trickster of the story. He always plays games with Sam and Dean. He puts them in many situations that require them to play along if they ever want it to end. The trickster is always saying "common just have a little fun :)" Forest When Sam and Dean were heaven, they were guided by Castiel to go to the forest for enlightenment. They needed directions so the forest was a place for that and a kind of get-a-way from the craziness that is happening outside of the forest. Black and White In this story black and white are mostly used for bad things like angels dying and to show evil. But white light can also be used for good like when an angel visits you, they show a bright white light. When a demon visits you it is always black smoke.
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