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My Bucket List

No description

Ally Zomer

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of My Bucket List

Things that involve others
Go to California with Abby
Travel the world and meet a lot of new people
Things to improve me professionally, emotionally, and personally
Get into a good college or university
Things just for fun
Go somewhere tropical, like Hawaii
What do you want to be when you grow up?
In ten years, I picture myself doing something that involves working with kids, but anything could easily change. I want my entire career to be something that I enjoy, not something I dread doing everyday, but this may be inevitable. I really want to live somewhere that never gets cold, like Florida because I despise the winter. I am almost positive that a don't want a job like a doctor, or a nurse. I cannot stand things like blood and vomit. I wouldn't work at a job I didn't like unless I really needed to do it for my family. To me happiness is more important than money. I get bored of routine all the time, so I would enjoy a job where 2 days are never the same.
My Bucket List
Learn how to snowboard at Glen Eden so I can go to the ski hill with all my friends

Swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove while in Florida with my cousins
Learn how to drive my boat, get my boaters license and spend a day on the water with all my best friends
Before I die, I want to get a pet turtle, I think they are adorable
Go horseback riding on the beach somewhere warm
Wake up early and watch the sunrise at my cottage with my dad, like we used to
Do the Colour Run with all of my closest friends
Do the CN Tower Edge Walk in Toronto
Go zip lining in Long Point
Learn how to surf with my friend Darien
Go skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa with my mom because we talk about it every year
Pay for the person's order behind me at a store
Stay at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
Go to watch the Olympics, rather than watching them on TV
Stop procrastinating everything
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Learn how to forgive people
Watch the ball drop on New Years Eve with my best friend
Stay at the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora with all of my family
Give a homeless person a nice Christmas gift and dinner
Get over my fear of public speaking
Learn to speak French fluently without having to hesitate
Graduate high school with honors
Start eating healthier and try to avoid junk food
Stop judging people by their appearance and get to know them before thinking anything about them
Become ambidextrous and learn to write with both hands
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