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Food in France!

Term 3 project, 2013

Emma Cameron

on 16 August 2016

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Transcript of Food in France!

Food in France!
Characteristics of Cuisine
What are the characteristics for each type of cuisine?
How many different types of cheeses does France produce?
France has many different types of cheese. Traditionally there are 350 - 400 distinct cheeses in France. The cheeses are all well known and eaten in France.
What is breakfast called in France?
In France breakfast is called Le Petit Déjeuner. It means small breakfast. for most people in France, breakfast consists of something sweet.
School lunch in France
Cuisine in France
There are many dishes that are considered part of French cuisine today.
Hors d'oeuvre
Plat Pricipal
& Dessert
What are three types of Cuisine offered in France
Hors d'œuvre
Pâtisserie & Dessert
Plat Principal
Basil Salmon terrine
Bisque/ french potage
Foie gras
French onion soup
Pot au feu
Steak frites
French cheeses
Mousse au chocolat
Crème brûlée
What does a typical french breakfast consist of?
Normally a hot drink or juice is part of the french breakfast, Bread with jam, butter or chocolate, or Crossants, yogurt or berries. A french breakfast normally contains something sweet or savory. Younger people prefer Cereals and milk.
Déjeuner means lunch in french.
Lunch time is around midday and is to be eaten at a leisurely pace. Resturants typically serve lunch from 12 - 3pm.
What is lunch called in France and what time do they eat? What would you normally have in France for lunch?
Normally at lunch time french people eat many types of vegetables. Normally a hot dish. Tuna, potatoes, boiled eggs, meat, salad, bread, cheese etc. Most restaurants have a meal of the day (Plat du jour) which consists of a hot meal, salad and drink.
What do they call dinner and what time do they eat? What would you normally have in France for dinner?
There are 7 parts to a traditional french meal, What are they?
A typical dinner in France will consist of up to seven courses. These include the aperitif, Entre, plate principal, salad, cheese, dessert, fruit, coffee and digestive drink.
What is the menu de jour, menu gastronomique, plat du jour?
In France, dinner is the strongest meal of the day.
They normally eat beef, cous-cous, legumes grilles (specially squash, carrots and peas), terrines, quiche lorraine, fondue, poisson pane, lots of baguette, brie and camembert.
Menu de jour -
Set menu
Menu Gastronomique -
Gourment menu
Plat du jour - Dish of the day/special
List three similarities of eating in France and New Zealand?
-In some restaurants in New Zealand they offer entree's as restaurants in France do.
-Steak and chips is something that you could order at a steak-out in New Zealand and it is a well known dish in France.
-French people like wine and are good at wine making. New Zealand has many signature wines that are very popular throughout the country.
-People in New Zealand eat croissants as french people do.
List three differences of eating in France and New Zealand
- In New Zealand their are more take-way food that are eaten regularly - eg: Fish and Chips
- French people eat lots of fresh bread and cheese whereas New Zealanders so not
- Most meals in New Zealand only consist of a Main and Dessert, in France you can have up to seven different courses.
Facts About French Food
- Traditional French culture places a high priority on the enjoyment of food. The French view eating as not just a neutral act, but as culture.

- France has a different cheese for almost every day of the year.

- In France, people eat approximately 500,000,000 snails per year.

- Ten billion baguettes are produced each year in France. By law, a traditional baguette can only have three ingredients: flour, yeast and salt, and must weigh 250 grams, just short of 9 ounces.
For Lunch i would normally have a sandwich, fruit and home baking. In France they have fresh produce - which makes healthy lunches. They have fresh fruit as i do as-well. The food that children in France have looks very appetizing. When buying from the canteen there are unhealthier options, compared to the healthiness of the french lunch shown in the picture below.
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